Conditioner Anyone?

Are you loving this blog as much as I am?  I hope so.  I think I’m going to start a “schedule” and make Thursdays (it is Thursday right?!?!?)  My DIY day.  Anyway, here’s another DIY little ditty for ya.  Based yet again, out of a need for conservation of resources.  Money is probably a limited commodity for pretty much everyone except Oprah, Gates, Trump and the Kardashian’s, but ESPECIALLY for me.  At present, neither of my Baby Daddy’s are paying support and I am unemployed.  Before you judge me on that…read my story.  It’s not willful unemployment believe me.

Anyway…so remember I said we do a jillion loads of laundry and that’s why I started DIYing my own laundry soap.  Well my kids are also known to use several dryer sheets per load too and I refuse to buy anymore.  On that same website I learned how to DIY laundry soap there was instructions for other homemade cleaners.  Their version of DIY fabric softener required you wet a washcloth and toss it in your dryer or add it to the rinse cycle or this that and the other.  In short…it wasn’t Faithfule suited because I have too much on my plate to have to “think” about laundry.  Shoot I don’t even remember to toss a dryer sheet in every time when I WAS using them and I did laundry.  I thought hmmmmmmmmmmmmm surely there has to be a recipe out there for DIY fabric softener that I could just toss a downy ball at the beginning right?!?!?  Guess what there was.  You can expect to see lots of things from The Frugal Girls and here’s the link to DIY fabric softener that works in a downy ball.  You can go to their link if you like, or you can just do what I did because  I’m about to tell you.

You will need the following:

1 Family Size Bottle of your favorite conditioner.  I used Suave Ocean Breeze scent.  Retail Cost:  $1.46.

6 cups of HOT water.  My water wasn’t hot enough so I had to “cook” my conditioner like this:

When the frugal girls say HOT water, what they REALLY mean is near boiling water.  Ok…back to what you need…

1 family size bottle of conditioner in a scent you love

6 cups of near boiling water

2 cups white vinegar (1 gallon retails for 2.38 so 2 cups costs .15)

1 funnel (if you up cycle small mouthed bottles like I did)

Now….dissolve your conditioner ENTIRELY in your really hot water.  It’s gonna just look like conditioner colored water when you’re done.  Add your 2 cups of vinegar and stir.  Pour into the containers of your choice.  Here’s mine:

I got almost 90 ounces of fabric softener for $1.61.  How’s that compare to the retail price of fabric softener…let’s take a look-see shall we?

90 oz of Ultra Downy at Wal-Mart….$6.97 according to  It yields 105 loads plus 15 bonus loads.  Over 5 dollars in savings PER bottle!  Compared to my dryer sheets….well I pay about the same price for a box of 40 dryer sheets.  The first load is in the wash with the downy ball of DIY fabric softener right now.  I let you know what I think of  my clothes after using it soon.  I will say this though…my little Ranga walked in from school and the first thing out of her mouth was “WOW it smells GOOD in here”.


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