That was Ranga’s reaction to our DIY Febreeze.  Can I just digress here and tell you why this is such a huge deal for me….

I have a boy.  I love him to death, but he is the stinkiest smelliest thing EVER.  His feet just might be a bio-hazard. It doesn’t matter what we do, his feet are so stinky they could evacuate the largest convention center if the smell was piped through the ducts.  Even with BRAND NEW socks and brand new shoes, after about two days his feet are more odoriferous than a land-fill and I’ve smelled both.  We’ve tried baking soda, cornstarch, making him put deodorant on his feet, every type of shoe known to humanity, and more.  His feet can even make a flip-flop turn toxic.  In addition to this, he has an aversion to being clean.  He won’t take a shower or bath until I am dang near dragging him there myself.   He inherited his father’s sweat glands and can honestly work up a sweat playing video games inside in the winter with the heat off.  I’m telling you, Pepe Le Pew has NOTHING on my son.  In this house, we Febreeze EVERYTHING sometimes several times a day to ease some of this little boy’s stench.  It’s not uncommon for us go through bottles…yes s plural…of Febreeze a month.  In the year I’ve lived in my place, we’ve gone through at least 5 actually spray bottles of the stuff AND 3 of the huge refill bottles because I would even pour it into my wash when using manufactured laundry soap.  Thankfully my DIY laundry soap has eliminated having to do that.  That stuff is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive but I can’t sit on my couch and have my stomach turn all the time either so what’s a girl to do?

One bottle of Febreeze costs $4.97 at Wal-Mart.  Somewhere I found out you could take one cup of your favorite fabric softener and pour it into a spray bottle (I used my febreeze bottle since it was almost empty anyway).

Here’s what you need:

1 cup of your favorite fabric softener

1 old spray bottle


Place your 1 cup of fabric softener in your bottle and fill with water.  Shake to mix and spray away.  My daughter sprayed our couch before school this morning and now, two hours later, the couch still smells like Ocean Breeze and not stinky boy.  My DIY fabric softener costs 2 cents an ounce so my bottle of Febreeze costs me 16 cents a bottle.  Let’s say I ONLY used 5 bottles of Febreeze a month…here’s the savings:

5 DIY Febreeze bottles = .80 (yes you are reading this correctly…EIGHTY cents) vs 5 store-bought bottles of Febreeze =  $24.85

I think you already know what the House of Faith will be doing!!!!


One thought on “Sniffff MMMMMMMMMMMM

  1. I’m loving all your diy recipes, thank you very much…
    Regarding your stinky son: Have you had him checked for diabetes? A lot of times when someone perspires excessively &/or unusually odious it is due to diabetes. Sometimes this is the only symptom & it gets completely overlooked until adulthood when it has done irreversible damage.

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