The time has come

for me to have theme days here on my blog.   The pages you see in the navigation bar on my blog aren’t actually pages.  They are added blogs.  The are lots of nice parts about this: you can follow any and all of them, they post to FB automatically when I post to them, and I have even MORE storage than ever before (WordPress offers EACH blog 3 GB’s of storage space per blog) and currently I have ummmm like 15 GB’s of storage space.  That should definitely keep me happily posting photos to my blogs for some time.  Anyway…so since I have so many blogs, I am finding it a little difficult to keep them all up…enter theme idea. This “schedule” is subject to change at any time, but may go something like this:

Sundays:  Praise Faithfule post

Mondays:  K Andrew Designs Stamp project (here at Faithfule Creations)

Tuesdays:  Live Faithfule post

Wednesdays:  Eat Faithfule post

Thursdays:  DIY Thursdays…Save Faithfule post

Friday:  Friday Freebie…may post to one or all of my blogs but you won’t know unless you’re subbed to them all lol!

Saturday:  Captured Faithfule post

Now….let’s talk about what each of these blogs are shall we.  You already know THIS blog, Faithfule Creations, features my papercraft creations.  Here’s what you can expect to find on the others…

Captured Faithfule – Photography blog…if I capture it in my lens and consider it worth sharing, it’ll go here (and likely not to FB anymore)

Eat Faithfule – Recipe blog…things we’ve put in our tummies and LOVED

Live Faithfule – Basically a day in my life…or a moment or a….this is basically my journal.

Praise Faithfule – Worship related stuff.  Talks/sermons I’ve liked, talks I’ve given, FHE lessons and activities, Visiting Teaching stuff.  All things gospel…ok not all but most.

Save Faithfule – Things I’ve DIYed.  Right now I’ve posted everything from homemade pure vanilla extract to DIY Febreeze.

 So…if you haven’t seen me post here in a while and wonder where I’m at, refer to this schedule and check out the other links above!


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