Of Individual Worth

Ranga and I are currently working on completing the Personal Progress program.  It’s a lot harder than I thought and it makes me even more proud of my oldest daughter for having completed her program without my direct influence.  Ranga and I decided the first value I needed to concentrate on was Individual Worth.  It likely stems from the fact that my heart and head can’t quite agree on exactly how much this individual is worth, but hey.  One of the experiences requires us to ask a few people to tell us what things they think God has blessed us with and then record our thoughts and feelings afterwards in our journals.  I’m not sure I’m ready to share my thought and feelings on what has been said but I do want to share what’s been said.

A Dear Friend from my Ward said:

When you asked me to help you with your personal progress – telling the things I feel like the Lord has blessed you with – the very FIRST thing that came to my mind about your talents isarticulation of speech.  You have been blessed with an increased amount of it and are able to convey your thoughts, feelings and ideas with complete and thorough accuracy.  When you explain something, people understand.  This is a HUGE blessing.  I’ve listened to some of your craft tutorials and this blessing is apparent.  In addition to this articulation you have a quick mindand a great vocabulary.  Your mind is able to think everything through and then come back to the thought at hand and complete it without getting distracted.  These skills have to be helpful as a mother, friend, co-worker, latter-day saint, etc.

You have been blessed with an innate sense of “right & wrong”. You couple this blessing with the one above and you are able to influence others to do what is right.  I’ve seen you do this with your children.  I’ve seen you intervene when a child was doing something ‘wrong’ and you were able to explain them why what they were doing was wrong and show them WHY they should do what’s right.  It’s hard to put it into words – and I don’t have an EXACT example, but I know that your kids KNOW that you know what’s right and that you want to DO what’s right, and furthermore, you expect THEM to do what’s right.  Simply said, you hold yourself to a high standard of righteousness despite what anyone else chooses yet you don’t hold yourself as “above” anyone.

You have been blessed with a testimony and have a relationship with Heavenly Father.  It may not be a talent to have a testimony, but your blessing of fortitude & perseverance in times of difficulty have probably aided in your development of it.  This same blessing of perseverance has guided you back to church and helped you as a single mother.  It’s helped you financially as you don’t give up and keep looking for opportunities in raising your family.  I can only imagine that this same determination has been what’s kept you in moving forward, even in times of personal struggle.  Heavenly Father has blessed you to know that you are not alone.  He has given that to your spirit somewhere deep within, to KNOW that you are His and that He is there for you.  Perhaps he knew you would need extra resilience to live your life here on earth. This is another great blessing that others do not have.

I know your family is not ‘traditional’ (who’s really is!) but you have a huge capacity to love and to do it with a pure heart.  You are faithful & loyal to your family despite whether they have let you down, been there for you, grown up with you or even the same color as you.  Your heart loves with a blind fold on.  And those who are loved by you are not loved conditionally.  You may not love what another does, but I know you have been blessed with a heat that loves them and sees the good IN them.

You have been blessed with a mind & body that functions.  It’s an obvious blessing that you have a talent for creativity.  You see the beauty of life and contribute to it with the imagination of your mind and the use of your hands.  No all people have this blessing.  And with these physical blessings – I have to say, that I really enjoy your beautiful smile.  😉

I know there are probably MORE blessings, even ones you haven’t received, but these are the BIG ONES that I am aware of.  Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you & I hope what I’ve written will be helpful to you in your project!

One of my dearest Crafty Buddies said:

1. You’re dedicated as a mother and friend. As hard as things have been you haven’t given up on your kids, school or friends. As hard as depression is, you haven’t retreated into yourself.
2. You seem to learn fast. You grew out of your Cricut and Camera pretty quickly.
3. You’re creative. Being able to take a blank canvas in Photoshop and create something beautiful (i.e. your FB cover photo). All of your DIY stuff.
4. You’re patient. I’ve asked you a TON of questions about a bunch of different things and you’ve never told me “girl you ask too many questions” or “I feel like I’m talking to a child with all the questions you ask” and you haven’t given me the brush off because of all of my questions.
5. You’re giving and helpful. Sending me the links to the tutorials and textures so that I didn’t have to look them up instead of just telling me to “google it yourself”. Starting the DIY blog to help people who have also fallen on hard times. You might not be able to give them money but you’ve helped them to use the little money they do have better. Speaking of which:
6. You’ve become a good steward with the money you’ve received.

My Sister Said:

Compassionate. Crafty in a good way. Ambitious. Pretty. Reliable & a good teacher.

And, though I didn’t ask him to take part in the experience, my Daddy reminded me yesterday that I have worth I cannot even imagine because I am a daughter of God and as such, capable of becoming like Him.  While I totally knew that I mattered to people before this experience, I honestly had no idea how much value I have to so many people.  I am grateful for the Young Women’s Personal Progress Program and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to work on these value experiences with my youngest daughters.  Understanding who I am as a daughter of God helps do many great things for my understanding and sense of Individual Worth.


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