Get the dish on dirt

I was raised on Dawn dishwashing detergent.  When it was my turn to establish myself, I used Dawn because my mom did.  It worked and I’ve used it for years.  It’s not the cheapest dish soap though and my kids don’t know the concept of less is more so we go through our fair share around here.  The same size bottle in this post lasts my sister for 2 or three months…we’re lucky to get just one month out of the bottle.  At a few bucks a bottle, I got to thinking surely there must be a cheaper solution.  Guess what…there was and here’s my result:

There are countless recipes on the internet for making your own dish soap.  I used a method found on this website, well sort of.  I used the recipe that calls for two cups of soap shavings and 3 cups of hot water.  I did not leave it sit overnight because I used 3 cups of boiling water and the soap shred dissolved almost immediately.  I didn’t have lemon juice so we tried it with lime juice instead.   Initially, the soap was very liquidy, but it firmed up overnight and I had to add more hot water the this morning.  It’s still pretty thick, but it’s also very effective.  It cut through Crisco with no problems.  My total cost….about .50 cents for 18 oz of dish soap.  Two cups of  shredded fels naptha is about half a bar and a bar costs me .96 cents.  We eat lots of honey lime chicken enchiladas so we pretty much always have lime juice on hand.  The instructions say this helps cut the grease, but I’m sure it’s optional with the fels naptha as it is pretty effective at removing grease on its own.

Coming up on this space, another toothpaste recipe, diy mint extract, diy butter, diy stain remover and more.  Stay tuned.


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