More perceived worth

I’m still working on my Individual Worth Value.  I had to ask someone in the RS Presidency to share with me what they think God has blessed me with and what talents He’s given me…this is the response I got from one of the counselors.

I’m so happy, and honored, you asked me to write you about your strengths and positive qualities the Lord has given you as I perceive them.   It truly is my pleasure and privilege to share my feelings with you, for truly I think you are a remarkable person who is so very, very talented.  So it is with delight I make the following list of wonderful things I know about you.

1. First and foremost, I think you are a woman of faith, who truly believes in Savior and His Atoning power.  
2.  You are eloquent.  You speak so easily and fluently of many things, and certainly of the Gospel and the testimony you bear.
3.  You are insightful.  I love to listen to your comments and perspectives, and thoughts.
4.  You are resilient and tenacious.   You’ve gone through some very rough times, and you’ve not let them stop you.  You keep going and setting your sights high.  And you’ve remained soft and loving, giving and caring.
5.  You have vision.  You see your children and your life and your potential through the gospel lens, and know there will always be the promise of eternity, and you let those goals help to raise the bar of your decisions today.
6.   You are courageous.  You were willing to leave when you had to, and you are willing to stand on your own rather than settle for anything less than the right thing.
7.   You are bold.  Willing to try to things. 
8.     You are confident  enough in yourself to wear beautiful colors, and reach out to others, and open the door to new experiences.
9.  You are teachable.  You want to learn a better way if there is one for you.  You’re always seeking knowledge, willing to hear others opinions and ideas.  But you are careful to screen everything through the test of the gospel principles you are holding tight to.
10.  You search the scriptures and love the Lord, and you are a good example to your children in encouraging them to do the same.
11.  You are humble, and you know from when cometh your strength.
12.  You are a good missionary.  You reach out easily and are an example through your blog as well.
13.  You have a fun sense of humor and laugh easily.
14.  Your creativity is astounding, and your ability to execute an idea with precision and excellence is marvelous!
15.   You are a good teacher, one who is very empowering.
16.  You are a faithful friend.
 17.  You aren’t afraid to reach out and fellowship.  Your heart is full of love.
18..  You have much to offer!

She concludes by saying “I’m so grateful you and your sweet family are here in this ward.  You are truly an inspiration to me.”  I’m not sure what I’ve done that is so inspiring, but I am grateful to know that this person sees so much value and talent in me.  I am praying I can soon see myself the way He and those around me do!

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