The envelope please

And the winner is…oh wait sorry wrong kinda envelope.  While one daughter was away at Girls Camp and while babying a sick kiddo last week, I hung out and watched movies all day (among the titles on the play list—Last Unicorn, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Space Buddies, Transformers Dark Side of the Moon and some I am sure I’m forgetting) while working on my first envelope mini album.  I was inspired to create this project after hours of Paper Phenomenon “re-runs”…in other words I was halfway watching movies and halfway watching Kathy’s videos.  I was so inspired that I honestly didn’t know what to make first, but I finally decided on this:

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel by giving you a supplies list and a tutorial.  Kathy has already done an AMAZING job at that.  You can view her tutorial for the envelope mini here.  She’ll tell you petty much everything you need to know so you can make one of your own…I mean that’s what I did.  I have however, recorded a video showing my finished project.  Here that is for you to enjoy:


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