Padded Envelopes – Cross Post

I originally posted this on my crafty blog  Faithfule Creations, but I didn’t include the frugality of making your own padded mailers in that post.  I just simply shared the video on how to do it.  We’re going to talk about the cost savings here though.

At the dollar store, I can get a 2 pack of padded envelopes in assorted sizes.  Something like this:

That’s not a bad price right?!?!?  Almost all the cards I make are dimensional (and need some protection when mailing) PLUS most of the people I make cards for aren’t local to me.  These costs can really add up, even at $1 a pack.  After watching a friend’s video where she made her own paper sacks using craft wrapping paper, I decided to try my hands at making my own padded envelopes.  I used a sheet of 8.5 x 11 cardstock, some adhesive, bubble wrap, and a stamp and ink to give me address lines.  Here’s my end result:

You can visit my crafty blog (or just click on the link to my YouTube channel in the navigation bar) to see how I made this envelope if you like.  The cost savings are pretty substantial though.  Even if you get your envelopes at the dollar store like me.

A ream of white 110lb cardstock costs about 6 bucks at my local Wal-Mart.  This is enough paper to make 150 envelopes the size of mine above.  I bought a roll of bubble wrap for about $1.67  that is 16″ x 7′ and it will make who knows how many envelopes.  I’m guessing at least 25.  I’ve made 5 already and barely made a dent in the roll.  Let’s just work with that….let’s say this roll will make at least 25 envelopes.  Here’s the math (it’s early still so let’s hope I did my calculations right LOL):

Paper cost per envelope:  $.04

Bubble wrap cost per envelope:  $.06

Total Cost not including glue or ink:  $.07 cents per envelope.  That’s a savings of over $.40 per envelope if you buy them at the dollar store (bigger savings if you buy them elsewhere).

Some added benefits of making your own padded mailers include: being able to totally customize it (make it any color, add stamping, make it any size, etc), you can recycle bubble wrap you may already have (instead of just popping it and throwing it away), and the satisfaction that comes in doing it yourself.


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