Quilted Fun

You know, nothing says love like an awesome quilt.  I can remember my grandmother using the cardboard backs of tablets to make templates for her quilts and hand sewing square after square after square.  The image of her with her needles in her mouth is one of my fondest memories of my grandmother.  RIP Grandma, you are missed terribly!

I however, cannot sew for the life of me.  I can’t cut out a pattern, I can’t quilt, I can’t cut straight without a paper trimmer (and even then half the time I can’t cut straight still) and I can’t even use my sewing machine to sew on paper, let alone anything else.  So…I created this faux quilt card instead:

For details on how I did it, please watch my video below!


3 thoughts on “Quilted Fun

  1. Good job and very cute! This would make a good baby card. Do you suppose one might be able to tie the strings to the squares before sticking them down?

  2. This is a wonderful idea, I would like to make one suggestion tho, if you don’t mind. You could thread your string, without cutting it yet, then thread down from the top and up through the bottom and then cut your string. That way you only have to thread your needle once and your strings would be the size you want them. Besides doing it that way would be kind of authentic to old fashioned tie quilting for real!!! Love your blog, Have a great day

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