I yarn to create

I’m learning that my creative talent doesn’t just show itself in paper crafting and photography.  I am the most creative person I know when it comes to money.  I don’t have very much of it at all and so to pay for the things I need and have any chance of having money for the things I want, I have to be creative.  As I’ve worked to set up a photography business I’ve done lots of cheap frugal things.  I had my Dad make me a portable backdrop stand out of PVC pipe, I use fabric for backdrops (instead of seamless paper, muslin, or the like), I built my own posing cubes (boy was that a chore adventure), I check out photography books from the library before deciding to buy them, I make my lens creatures to help when photographing wee ones, and on and on I could go.  One of the things I decided to see if I could do was remember how to crochet well enough to make some props.  It was a rough go at first, took a lot of trial and error (and lots of yarn), tons of YouTube videos and maybe even some hair loss, but I was finally able to do it some of it (I have friends who are better with yarn than me helping me out).  Here’s the hardest yarn project I’ve ever completed:

It was supposed to have a pom-pom on the end, but I kinda like it with the “tassel” instead.  I’ll be making a pink and white one too and maybe a red and white one for Christmas.  You can find the tutorial I used to make this hat FREE right here.  It’s a pattern created by Bobwilson123.   You can find her blog here, or visit her YouTube Channel as well.  I followed the pattern exactly until it came time for the white trim.  For that I just did 4 or 5 rows of single crochet.

Don’t worry, I still paper craft too…I have an awesome album I’ve been working on that I can’t wait to finish and show off.  Sooner than later…I hope!


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