Give the girl a hand or two

After the craft project of epic proportions, I could have used two new ones actually!  Recently I discovered I have a pretty fair amount of talent in the world of photography and I’ve decided to build a photography business.  At some point, I will even get my Master’s in the subject.  The problem is, with all the gear and equipment, photography can be insanely expensive and I’m so cheap it’s almost criminal.

One of the things I knew I needed was posing blocks or stools of some kind.  I looked everywhere for them and they aren’t cheap.  Apple crates in varying sizes were about 175 dollars at Amazon for a set and that was relatively cheap compared to all the posing blocks or cushions or whatever that I looked at.  I didn’t have the money for that and I was not about to shell it out even if I did so I began looking for ways to do it myself.  Finally I figured out what I wanted, got the specs for the build created, and went shopping.  My project started with this:

All the wood you see in the car are my cuts for the boxes I decided to make.  The bottom pieces are scrap pieces I’d find a use for eventually and have already become shelves and a chalkboard.  The cuts, when assembled and if assembled correctly, would turn into 6 posing blocks in varying heights.  It was time to get started.  After building the first block, I had to go out and buy a more powerful drill…then things really started moving along.

Here’s the first block I built:

Phew…one down only 5 to go.  It wasn’t so bad, I can do this….and I did it but man was it epic.  Here we are with a few more under my belt:

I wish I could tell you that once they were built I was done but no…silly be still had to paint them all too.  When I got the biggest box built, someone thought it would make a good chair:

By this point, my hands were throbbing and blistered and swollen.  Who knew drilling and sanding could be so intense?  Certainly not this girl that’s for sure.  I raised good children though and seeing my discomfort my son and daughter decided to help with the last two blocks.  She got to offer the counterweight while my son sunk the screws:

FINALLY they were all done….now to fill screw holes and sand and wipe down and paint.  I did the painting.  It was actually pretty fun!

I painted on my kitchen floor with no drop cloth…what the heck why not it is water based paint and the floor mops so…..

Finally here’s what this epic build looks like all stacked together neatly:

I love my blocks, even if it did take my hands weeks to fully recover.  They have multiple uses too.  I can stand on them when I need a higher camera angle, I can sit on them when I’m getting in close with a newborn or other wee one, doing macro work or the like, AND three of them can even be used as a prop.  Check out this sweet baby girl I photographed sitting inside one of my blocks:

I use my blocks on almost every capture I create and am really glad to have them, but I’m no carpenter and don’t want to ever do a massive build like this again!


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