I now live in a state of constant challenge

Probably not how you think though.  I’ve spent too much time listening to what Satan would have me think of myself to be able to say I know that I’m great at a lot of things.  One thing I do know though is that I’m a great checker-offer.  I seem to get more done and process things better when I make a list.  Here’s my little secret…I sometimes make lists of stuff I’ve already done for the day just so I can have even more to check off.  It seems as if I’ve raised a generation of checker-offers too because my kids are all the same way.

After being inspired by a yearly planner I found at Crystal Wilkerson’s blog, I decided to make my own.  Her pages are all artsy-fartsy which is fine, but I didn’t need all that whimsy on mine.  I just needed something to help me get my head screwed back on straight and help me better track if I’m going or coming or staying or going some more.  Aside from my daily check off list, one of the pages I find myself using/reviewing the most often is my challenge page.

Long ago in a galaxy far away I heard it said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  The great thing about a 30-day challenge page is it gives you a little bit of leeway and still allows the formation of some new habits.  Once making this sheet, the first challenge I decided to work on was leaving the demon of my past well enough alone no matter what.  It wasn’t easy, but I was successful!  The 30 days just ended on the 5th and it’s time to make some new habits that will challenge me still.

Here’s what my sheet/form/page looks like:


For the rest of you checker-offers that need some new habits, you can download this page here (PDF opens in a new window).  Enjoy!


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