Paper Bag Brag

It’s been such a long time since I’ve sat down to create something and had a good time doing it.  Usually it causes anxiety because I can’t find something I want or need and in frustration I often end up destroying what I’m working on instead of creating something beautiful.  Over the last few days, my darling daughter has made it her personal mission to organize my crafty stuff so it didn’t cause anxiety.

This morning I woke up to a beautiful space with a love note from her encouraging me to get my craft on.  She worked so hard, I didn’t want to disappoint and so I tried my hand at a “waterfall” or “cascading” style paper bag album.  The first one I made I gave to her and it felt quite unfinished, but she loves it so that’s what counts.  I decided it was time I dig REALLY deep and see if my “talent” or “mojo” was at all inside me…if not, then I might as well just sell it all right?!?!?

I have just ordered some wallet prints of some of the most important kiddos in my life and thought I could use what I created today to showcase those photos when they come in.  I’ll let you decide if my talent and mojo still exists.


Special thanks go out to my friend Emily Lanham who sent me a template for this style of paper bag album.  I may do a video tutorial of the next one I make.  If not, perhaps I’ll add another post with step-by-step instructions so you can brag paper bag style yourself!


One thought on “Paper Bag Brag

  1. Faith–paper bag albums are so neat and your album is beautiful! Looks like the crafty talent is inside you yet! I have not seen/heard of a waterfall bag album. Clever. Beautiful mix of colors.

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