NYC’s HDColorTrio = Epic Fail

Not too long ago I became a part of Influenster and recently received my first VoxBox.  This is a box of goodies sent to me complimentary for testing and review.  My first box contained, a lip gloss, some eye-shadow, a travel size pack of puffs, a mini roll of duck tape and some skinny cow candy.   I will have separate reviews on each of these things…up first:  The NYC HD Color Trio.  Here’s the one I was sent:


I tried so hard to like it. The colors are gorgeous and are colors I wear often.  The problem is I just don’t like it.  Not even one little bit.  First, the colors are very poorly pigmented.  I knew as soon as I swatched these colors I’d need use them with a primer or cream shadow base.  Even doing that though, there was still very little color pay-off.  I had to pack color on over and over and over (so much packing it took about 4 to 6 cotton balls to get all the eye shadow off and yet it barely looked like I was wearing makeup).  The shadow is chalky and has tons of fall out.  I have two teen girls who are just not learning/experimenting with makeup and even they recognize this product for what’s it worth…nothing.

I’m glad I was able to try this before purchasing it though.  Now I know what not to invest in for sure.


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