A Beautiful Reminder

As a mom and scrapbooker, I’ve always taken tons of photos.  I’ve bought new cameras only when I’ve outgrown my current one and two years I bought my first DSLR.  It became clear pretty quickly that photography was something I was pretty good at and I decided to enter the 2013 fair.  That was a crazy nervous experience let me tell you.  At any rate, each image I entered received recognition, including a first place award for a picture I took of the Hawthorne Bridge at night.  Here’s that image:


This bridge picture was blow up to about 16 x 20 and is framed in my living room and two years later I’m just as proud of it now as I was when I shot it.  In fact, I can’t wait to have a car again so I can go back and try other night shots now that I’ve learned so much more about this incredible challenging and rewarding art form that is photography.

A few months ago I decided I was done trying to pursue photography as a business.  I wasn’t making any money, I wasn’t having any fun anymore, and I hadn’t shot much of anything anyway so it didn’t matter.  Because of the chronic pain I live with, Winter did me in and I got severely behind on edits.  This past week or two I sat down to start finishing them up and wrapped up edits for the one of my seniors and came across images like this:




She’s just stunning isn’t she?  The better news is she’s as amazing inside as she is beautiful outside.  Her parents are quite proud of her I’m sure.  I barely know her and I’m proud of her so…

As I sat there wrapping up these edits I remembered the session in which they were shot.  I remember the laughter, the fun, the silly faces caught on camera (I promise I won’t post them kiddo) and most importantly, how insanely happy I was while shooting.  Once her session was finished, it was a bittersweet experience for me.  On one hand I was relieved, on the other sad over the realization that I had shelved something I was pretty good at; something that has always made me very happy despite my skill set.  These images served as a beautiful reminder to me and I am shooting again…paid or not.


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