20 is the new 43

I know I promised you a long involved update…I mean it’s been almost three years since I last updated this blog…this post though is not that one.

We’ve had an in-home counselor on the scene for months.  I’ll explain it all don’t worry but suffice it to say he gave me a homework assignment over this past weekend.  He has me doing 20 things I enjoy.  The struggle has been real and some of this is a bit of a reach but sometimes you just gotta start somewhere…baby steps I tell ya.

  1. Finally remembered this blog’s log-in information
  2. Create a goal/vision board for my planner
  3. Catch up with friends
  4. Quality time with Ella
  5. Eat yummy food
  6. Take pictures
  7. Edit said pictures
  8. Play Words with Friends
  9. Play Word Cookies
  10. Sing
  11. Drink Pipeline Punch
  12. Spent time with my grandbaby
  13. Read a book
  14. Plan (my planner is a planner/journal/scrapbook)
  15. Smile (I enjoy this a lot just don’t do much of it these days)
  16. Network and Marketing
  17. Watched a crafty video from one of my favorite people
  18. Read/Notated Be Ye Therefore Perfect…Eventually
  19. Blogged What Not To Say Day 2
  20. Designed What Not To Say Day 3

Some of these things aren’t yet complete on this list…time’s running out…better scram.

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