Paper Bag Brag

It’s been such a long time since I’ve sat down to create something and had a good time doing it.  Usually it causes anxiety because I can’t find something I want or need and in frustration I often end up destroying what I’m working on instead of creating something beautiful.  Over the last few days, my darling daughter has made it her personal mission to organize my crafty stuff so it didn’t cause anxiety.

This morning I woke up to a beautiful space with a love note from her encouraging me to get my craft on.  She worked so hard, I didn’t want to disappoint and so I tried my hand at a “waterfall” or “cascading” style paper bag album.  The first one I made I gave to her and it felt quite unfinished, but she loves it so that’s what counts.  I decided it was time I dig REALLY deep and see if my “talent” or “mojo” was at all inside me…if not, then I might as well just sell it all right?!?!?

I have just ordered some wallet prints of some of the most important kiddos in my life and thought I could use what I created today to showcase those photos when they come in.  I’ll let you decide if my talent and mojo still exists.


Special thanks go out to my friend Emily Lanham who sent me a template for this style of paper bag album.  I may do a video tutorial of the next one I make.  If not, perhaps I’ll add another post with step-by-step instructions so you can brag paper bag style yourself!


The envelope please

And the winner is…oh wait sorry wrong kinda envelope.  While one daughter was away at Girls Camp and while babying a sick kiddo last week, I hung out and watched movies all day (among the titles on the play list—Last Unicorn, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Space Buddies, Transformers Dark Side of the Moon and some I am sure I’m forgetting) while working on my first envelope mini album.  I was inspired to create this project after hours of Paper Phenomenon “re-runs”…in other words I was halfway watching movies and halfway watching Kathy’s videos.  I was so inspired that I honestly didn’t know what to make first, but I finally decided on this:

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel by giving you a supplies list and a tutorial.  Kathy has already done an AMAZING job at that.  You can view her tutorial for the envelope mini here.  She’ll tell you petty much everything you need to know so you can make one of your own…I mean that’s what I did.  I have however, recorded a video showing my finished project.  Here that is for you to enjoy:

“Going, Going, Gone…

SOLD!” shouts the auctioneer, right?  I don’t know because the only auctions I’ve been to are the silent type.  Our church does an annual silent auction to help our girls raise money for  Girls Camp.  Translate “Mom gets enlisted to make all kinds of crafty stuff”.  Yep, tis that time.  April 20th is auction night and man do I have my work cut out for me.  My darling Ranga has requested several different toilet paper roll albums, some homemade cards, and pretty much a little of all the crafty things I do to give to the auction.  She even said she’d help make it…her help to date has been one coat of paint on one set of album cores.  YIKES!

So, with the newest school session I’m in the most amazing thing has happened…I learned that waiting until the last-minute isn’t always the best way to go after all.  I’ve been able to work ahead and complete my course assignments in advance which makes for a lot less stress and lots of free time on weekends.  YAY!  This past weekend I worked on this:

One of the requested albums was a baby girl brag book.  Here are the interior pages (be sure to click on them to view them larger):

I have a lot of design elements that can’t be photographed and so I might do a video later on to show off this album.  The stamps used are Verve and one from Fiskars.  Embellishments all came from my stash, paper is K & Company and DCWV plus other random paper from my stash.  Ink is Versafine of course (the best for stamping) and then tulle (lots of tulle) was used to decorate the binder rings used to close it.  Adhesive was score tape and glue gun.

I apologize for how “quiet” I’ve been lately, but you might be glad for that when you see everything I post between now and the 20th!  Till next time!

Peppermint and Chocolate

That’s what I always think of when I see brown and pink together.  It’s probably because one of my favorite desserts is candy cane ice cream with hot fudge, who knows.  You probably won’t believe this after seeing TWO pink projects in a row, but pink is really not my thing.   I’m only showing this to you because I hate to waste anything and already had the toilet paper cores painted pink so I had to finish the album eventually regardless.  This was what I was originally going to feature for the Breast Cancer Awareness hop before I got frustrated.

I love this album.  It came out better than I had thought/planned on.  The picture immediately above shows two of the 4 inside pages.  It is way past my bedtime and I need to hit the sack but I will be back soon with details on how to create your own album like this.

Black and white and red all over.

No…it’s not a newspaper; it’s my first toilet paper roll mini album I made as a Father’s Day gift for my Daddy.  This album is SUPER simple, as it is intended to just be a brag book for him.  The album is four toilet paper rolls, with four “extra” pages, one inside each toilet paper roll so it holds a total of 9 photos as designed.  It’s my first and I’m really thrilled with it actually.  I hope that my Daddy enjoys it…who am I kidding…of COURSE he will!

The interior pages all have either a metal gear, key, star, or other brad to help them stick out from the edge of the album so my Dad will realize there are interior pages.

This is a close-up of the inside from cover.  Once my embellishment dries, I will use my pick up square to remove the extra adhesive.  The paper is just stuff I have in my stash…from Joann’s open stock options.  I used 2 Spellbinders dies on the front, one is a from the Classic Circles Large set, the other I don’t know by sight and am too lazy to go figure out which one it was lol.    The stamps are from the Dad’s Day set by Verve (now on sale) at Shop Verve.

My favorite part of this album is the compass charm on the front (beading/jewelry department at Michael’s).  It says focus on the top and I think it’s the perfect symbol of my relationship with my Dad.  When life is falling apart around me, often a conversation with my Dad can put it all back into focus for me!  It’s one of the things I love the most about him…his ability to help me maintain focus without invalidating my feelings or thoughts on any given subject.

I will absolutely be making more of these albums in the future!  I decided to attempt my own album after viewing some of the toilet paper roll mini albums my beautiful and insanely talented friend Emily from Create Serendipity made.  She has details on how she creates her albums as the main post right now!  But, in case you miss it and want to see details on how she creates her tp albums, please check out this post.  Believe me, you’ll be glad you did.

These Colors Don’t Run!

But if you mixed them together you could get a great shade of purple lol.  Today’s hop celebrates US Independence and is all about the Red White and Blue.  You should have arrived here from Jamie’s blog, Glitter Stamps and Paper Oh My.  If you did, then you are hopping along on the right path!  If you just happened to come across this hop somewhere along the way, please take some time to visit my great friend Nicolette  at Beyond Scrappin and start at the beginning.

A friend of mine’s daughter is going to Japan and wanted to give an album to each of her host families so my friend asked if we could trade albums for sewing lessons.  Fabric REALLY scares me, but I said yes!  She got some paper and wanted them “patriotic” and so I decided it was also the PERFECT thing to use for this hop….well the first one I created is anyway.  The second album hated me and I had to redo the covers over and over…and to quote Forest, “that is all I have to say about that.”

This is an 8 x 8 album full of pictures of my friend’s daughter and her life here in the US.  Mom says she was thrilled to receive the album and excited to be able to give such an incredible gift to her host families.  I take it that means she loved it?!?!?

The paper used came from a package my friend gave me and I don’t remember the name of the package.  I want to say the maker is K & Company but I’m not certain.  The ribbon is from my stash…I think I got it at Wal Mart and the bow is tied with my hideously ugly bow board!

I don’t have a picture of it, but I will be offering some red white and blue bling as blog candy.  This hop is all about celebrating being loyal patriots.  So, to be eligible to win you must leave a comment on this post and be a loyal patriot of my blog.  This means you must be an email subscriber.  To subscribe by email, please look at the right sidebar on my blog.  See where it says Subscribe?  Enter your email address and hit the sign me up button.  This next part is CRITICAL…you must THEN check your email (including our SPAM folder) and CONFIRM your subscription or you won’t show up on my list of subscribed readers.

Your next step along the way is my good friend Anita at Anita and Bugs.  Her and I have grown quite fond of each other through our participation in various hops together and she has incredible talent so be sure to check out what she has for you.  And, in case you get lost along the way, here is the entire line-up:

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Pretty in Pink the remix

I wont’ be able to do the beaded oval part correctly until my good friend Loves2Smock succeeds in saving me.  You may recall from Facebook that my Cuttlebug had a heart attack and died.  Loves2Smock has come to my rescue by selling me hers for a fraction of the price YAY!!!  So…to give y’all an idea of what the finished project will look like, I modified the beaded oval digitally.  I’m also not sure what “word art” I will create for the oval…I’m open to suggestions.


This may be the best album I've ever made!