You’ve Touched My Heart Blog Award

As anyone with cyber friends can tell you, yes it really is possible to get to know someone online.  Communication is critical to any good relationship and when all you can do is communicate well…My Bestie and I have been friends for almost 20 years and yet, we’ve never met face to face.  Can you believe that?  I can it’s, it’s truly representative of my life.  I don’t get out much…I work, bank, go to school, pay bills, read, interact socially, etc online.  But, unlike that Brad Paisley song, I’m not cooler online, at least I don’t think so anyway.  In fact, I think I’m probably the same in real life as I am in my cyber life actually.  Loves2Smock care to answer that for me…am I “so much cooler online?”  LOL.  Anyway…because I work and go to school online I get to chat with people from all over the world a lot.  In the course of my conversations, there have been a few people who have touched my heart for various reasons.  I decided they needed their own blog award so I made this:

You like it?  I sure do and the first recipients of this award are:

1.  Sarah from Plain and Small:  I learn so much from Sarah I almost need another brain to hold it all.  She is one of the most humble, faithful people I’ve ever met in my cyber life AND real life.  She gives more of herself than anyone should and, though she has bad days like us all, she continues to give no matter what.  She has touched my heart because from her I’ve learned countless lessons on forgiveness, Christ-like love, humility, and charity.  My life will never be the same because of you Sarah and I am grateful to have you not just as a friend but also as my sister in Zion.

2.  Sarah from Pink Cricut:  This Sarah and I have chatted several times on Facebook chat and she truly wears her heart on her sleeve.  I have opened up to her about things I bet she never thought she’d hear from a cyber crafting buddy and not only did she listen when I needed an ear (well actually read when I needed eyes LOL), she seemed genuinely concerned and was eager to uplift and encourage me.  Sarah, I’m sure our chats didn’t seem like much at the time, but you have touched my heart by having them with me and I thank you.

3.  Tanya from Scrappy Scavenger:  What can I say about Tanya…oh my.  Tanya and have chatted almost daily since we met over at that Facebook spot.  In our conversations, I have learned that we have a lot in common.  When I think about both my maternal and paternal family it’s hard to believe I came from these people (thank God for my Ward family I’m telling you).  Tanya totally gets how I feel about my father.  Tanya has touched my heart with her humor and her tender and caring spirit.  When life keeps us away from Facebook, I find myself missing our interaction.  Tanya, thank you for who you are in my life.

4.  Nicole from Simple Scrappin:  I ♥ Nicole.  She and I communicate all the time via chat, text, Facebook, Facebook chat, etc.  She quickly became more than just a scrappy sister and is becoming a person who’s friendship I cherish.  Nicole has touched my heart with her uncanny ability to know just when to pop in and check on me when life has kicked me in the face again and I’m ready to just lay down and take it.  She is someone I admire for more reasons than I have room to get into here at this blog (believe me you’d stop reading after like the 10,000th line lol).  She left an abusive man and became a single parent at a very young age and continues to keep me encouraged as I deal with feelings that only another single parent in my shoes could fully comprehend.  Thank you Nicole for being there to keep me encouraged when there isn’t anything encouraging about my circumstance.

5.  Krista from Krista’s Paper Cafe:  Krista and I were in a blog hope together and we’ve become bosom buddies ever since.  She has touched my heart with her devotion to my blog.  Ultimately I blog just for me.  In a past life, my end all be all goal was to be a writer.  Blogging, whether I’m sharing craft projects, or keepin’ it real on my private page Live Faithfule, sharing some good eats (which I don’t do nearly enough), or praising my God, it all involves writing.  It’s something I love to do.  Writings no one reads though is sad I think.  I know, if no one else reads my “against the norm” WordPress blog, Krista does.  Her comments always touch my heart and keep me smiling.  It’s nice to know you matter and I know I matter to Krista because she takes the time to read and comment on my blog.  Krista, thank you for taking the time to peak in on my lil world and being so diligent to always let me know you’ve been here.  I appreciate that more than you know!


I guess technically this is a people award not a blog award because it has very little to do with the blogs themselves.  Aww well.  Now, ladies receiving this award is easy.  Just right-click the image and save it wherever you want.  You can choose to pass it on or not, that’s entirely up to you.  If you choose to pass it own, you can pass it to 1 person or 100.  The spirit behind the award is to recognize anyone who touches your heart.  The only thing I am going to ask with passing it on though, is that you tell us why the person you give this award too has touched your heart.  Then, you might also want to let the people you give the award to know so they can accept it and pay it forward too!

Ladies, thank you for touching my life.  Each of you make a difference and I appreciate you.


Pay it forward

No, not as in the movie starring that kid Osment kid (not be confused with Osmond kids either by the way…are there any Osmond “kids” left?!?!?).  This type of paying it forward relates to my earlier post about my blog award.  Though I’m usually up and functioning till wee hours of the morning and back up just a few hours later, my body decided it was just feeling too yucky and it took me out of commission for almost 10 hours.  WOW Queen of Enabling…can you BELIEVE I slept more than YOU???!!!!

Anyway…so yesterday or SUPER early this morning or whatever I told you I needed to tell you 8 random facts about me that you didn’t know (even though there are more than 8 on the About Me link) and choose 8 people/blogs to pass the award on to.  Let’s start with who I’m passing the award onto:

First on the list is someone I only know as Greenbean.  I found her  through a blog hop I attended back before Christmas.  I love everything about her blog from the way it’s written to the projects and things she features.  Greenbean, please accept the stylish blogger award shown in the post below.

Greenbean’s Crafterole

The blogs below that I’ve chosen are all ones I’ve found through my crafty peeps on Facebook.  Thanks ladies…you all are THE best.  I have chosen these blogs because I admire the talent displayed.  In the case of Victoria, I chose her because she was kind enough to make a video JUST FOR ME on her wobblers that she makes.  Thanks girl I appreciate it.

Victoria’s Junk
Love Scrap Reflect
Makin’ Pretty Things
Scrapbooking Techniques
Leah’s Card Creations
(thank you once again Leah for awarding me this same award)
More Than Favors (I ♥ Paula)
My Creative Time (Emma Rocks)


And now…8 more random facts about me.  Just for all of you I’m even going to try and share 8 things I’ve never shared in a blog before.  Maybe even a few things I’ve not shared with too many people period actually.  Thinking…thinking….thinking.  Got it!

1.  I love random road trips.  I love to just say hey kids let’s go somewhere and pile them in the car and just drive.  We’ve done this so many times and made so many great memories.  I can’t wait to see where our next RRT takes us!

2.  I can sing, but I can’t read music.  I recently faced my fear of singing in public and after being in my ward choir I was invited to sing in a Stake Choir for an event coming up!  WOW!  My tummy still hurts a little just thinking about singing in front of people but talents are meant to be shared right?

3.  I have always wanted to learn to play piano.  And, despite having many people around me I know who do (I’m LDS remember…it’s almost an obligation to play both the piano AND organ), I’m afraid to take lessons because I don’t read music.

4.  I kind of have a thing for speed.  Each time I’ve been pulled over, it’s always been speed related.  On my bucket list of things to do before I die is drive the fastest car in existence down the Autobahn…at top speed!

5.  My dream job is to be a motion editor or visual artist at Weta Digital in New Zealand.  They’ve done the effects in some of my favorite movies…Lord of the Rings (yay Gollum), Enchanted, Bridge to Terrabithia, Avatar, Eragon, Waterhorse and others.

6.  Though I’m pretty good with graphic design, I secretly want to be an accomplished artist.  I’d love to be able to draw and paint and maybe even one day see my work in a gallery.

7.  I recently started listening to pretty much only Christian music.  It has helped me keep my eyes focused on what really matters most and to always remember that He is here.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m musically inclined and a good jam is a good jam, and in listening to mostly Christian music I have been exposed some great new artists (new to me anyways) like Brandon Heath and Chris Tomlin.  There are others, but these are my two new faves.  I am often signing “all those people going somewhere why have I never cared.  Gimme your eyes for just one second gimme your eyes so I can see everything that I keep missing gimme your love for humanity…” or “where you go I’ll go, where you stay I’ll stay, when you move I’ll move I will follow…”  My all time favorite song right now though is East to West by Casting Crowns (no, this group isn’t new to me), especially where it goes “I know you’ve cast my sin as far as the east is from the west and I stand before you now as though I’ve never sinned but today I feel like I’m just one mistake away from you leaving me this way.  Jesus can you show me just how far the east is from the west cuz I can’t bear to see the man I’ve been come rising up in me again.  In the arms of your mercy I find rest cuz you know just how far the east is from the west from one scarred hand to the other….I know you’ve washed me white, turned my darkness into light and I need your peace to get me through to get me through this night.  I can’t live by what I feel but by the truth your word reveals.  That I’m not holding on to you, but you’re holding onto me.  You’re holding on to me.  Jesus you know how just how far the east is from the west and I don’t have to see the man I’ve been come rising up in me again. In the arms of your mercy I find rest…”  Yeah buddy, I ♥ this for real.

8.  Last but not least…don’t laugh ok.  I really don’t think I’m that talented of a crafter.  I look at what other people create and just think “WOW I am so not worthy”.  Recently my sister was reading my blog (I didn’t know she actually reads it LOL) and she said “Sister, I wish I was as creative as you” or something to that effect.  I’m not sure if she knows this or not but I admire my little sister.  I see so much in her that I envy…hearing her say I had something she envied felt good.    I’m trying to change how I think about what I can do now.  Lil Sis…I love you and am grateful for all the talents you DO have and fortunate that you are so willing to share them.  I’d list them but this post is all about me LOL!  Luv ya!

So, there you have it….thanks again Tanya and Leah for the award.  I appreciate it!

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you Tanya for awarding me my FIRST blog award here at this new spot!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you via our Facebook chats and am very much looking forward to your hop!

Once awarded, I guess the rules say that I must thank Tanya and link back to her blog.  Next,  I am supposed to share 8 things about myself, pass this award on to 8 other bloggers leaving comments on their blogs letting them know they’ve been selected.  Here is my list of 8 things about myself:

1.  I should be sleeping right now but ain’t.

2.  I just received my first award at this new blog site.

3.    I just passed the 50 follower mar…

Wait, wait, wait!  I think that I am probably supposed to share 8 things people don’t know about me LOL.  Huh…well….I just added my “About Me” page to this blog so I’ll have to think about 8 added things and get back to you…same for the 8 bloggers I’m going to give this award to.  Now…I have a hot date I better get to.  You should be jealous…it’s a crappy mattress on the living room floor and the remotes so I can fast-forward the commercials on the new episode of SVU.  Goodnight world!