Stinkin’ Proud

I used to be exclusively a scrapper.  Now I’m more of a card maker than anything else.  I love to make cards for my kiddos when I’ve caught them being GREAT!  I had an idea of what child I was going to give this too but then I never got around to making it and well now, quite frankly, I ‘m thinking it’s just TOO stinkin’ cute to give away.  You will want to click the thumbnail to see the larger version.  This is my first side-step card and I’m pretty proud of it.  My kids think it’s Bambi and Flower…huh ok I guess.

There is so much going on in this card I can’t even begin to explain it all.  I have DIY wobbles in this card, glue dots, foam squares, and lots of amazing cuts.  I can tell you what else you’ll need though and how I did it.

Supplies Needed:
1 6 x 9 piece of heavy-duty cardstock (I’d use really light weight chipboard if I did a card with this much detail again.  I used Colorbok.)
Cindy Loo
Mickey and Friends
2 sheets of medium and dark green cardstock (two of each color)
Desired papers to cut the skunk (Create-a-critter), squirrel, and tree (Cindy Loo and I used pink, black, green brown and white paper from my stash)
A wobble or two (I used three of the ones I made myself…it’s not for wobblin’, it’s for dimension this time)
Martha Stewart Picket Fence Punch
Stickles (I used Fruit Punch and Cinnamon)
Glue Dots (I make my own)

PHEW….I think that’s all the supplies.  Ok now to remember how I did it.  Well first the card base.  I VERY lightly scored my 6 x 9 paper at two inches along the LONG end/side.  Then you score across the long side at 1, 2, 3.5, and 7.  Cut the paper along your first SUPER light score line from the 1inch score line to the 7 inch score line.  Turn your card around so that it’s still horizontal and but so that your cut is at the top and the vertical scores at the bottom and then score at 4.5.  Fold that score up like a peak and then fan fold all your other scores.  After that you just need to decorate.  I cut the squirrel from Cindy Loo at 3.25.  I don’t remember what my skunk was cut and and the grass I cut from Mickey and Friends at like 2.25.  I had to go into DS and add a rectangle from George welded to my grass so it would “stack” on the stairs the way I wanted to, but the result made it beyond worth it.  Using your punch, punch a fence…mine is 6 inches wide by about an inch and a half.  Stickles everywhere, a hand written sentiment foam dots and wobbles for dimension and voilà!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Raven at Love 4 Stamps has a video with a similar card if you want to see the process.  The video I followed to get the card base can be found here.



Go Climb That Mountain

One of my favorite things about my church is our annual women’s conference called Time Out For Women.  I’ve attended this event for 2 consecutive years in 3 different locations and it’s always incredible and inevitably at least one presenter is at my location JUST for me I know it!  At my second event, I was introduced to the LDS girl group Mercy River and about 4 measures into their first song, they quickly became a favorite!  You can check them out here or here.  I will post the poem I wrote inspired by their closing performance at that event on the Praise Faithfule link here on my blog.

Because I am audio powered, I buy music kind of like crafters buy paper.  It’s one of my favorite things and I’m kind of OCD about it actually.  When I find an artist I like, I typically have to have EVERY album they have released or I have convulsions and stomach aches.  Not wanting to risk either, I quickly coughed up my plastic and purchased both Mercy River CD’s during our break.  Though their second album Beautiful Dawn is great (we LOVE Hello Sunshine), I think my favorite is the self-titled first album.  On that CD is this amazing song called “Go Climb That Mountain.”  It’s kept me so inspired since I first heard it.  Here’s some of my favorite lyrics:

“Go climb that mountain!  Go climb that mountain, go climb that mountain.  If you start with willing feet you can conquer anything.  Set your feet on that road and go.  Every time you cast your eyes on that mountain it seems the peaks reach further than the skies but that mountain was made for your feet and there is one who has always believed in your journey….if you start with willing feet you can conquer anything, set your feet on that road and GO!”

Isn’t that powerful?  I just love the part about “if you start with willing feet.”  How true is that…if we start with willing feet and the Lord at our side, certainly we can conquer anything.  Since becoming a single parent three years ago, often my view of the skies is clouded by peak after peak after peak.  Often I fear I lack the energy to take even one more step…it’s at those moments I hit up my Mercy River play list and turn on the musical reminder to keep on keeping on that I find in “Go Climb That Mountain.”  Lately, the amount of peaks I see seems to have tripled and I figured I might need a visual reminder as well as Mercy River’s Audio one.  Here is what I just finished creating:

It’s pretty plain because I intend to laminate it and bling and pearls and stickles don’t like the laminating machine too much.

Supplies Needed:
Scrap paper…that’s what I used.
Dinosaur Tracks
Hannah Montana
George and Basic Shapes


The overall dimensions are about 3 by 8.  The words Go and Climb are made from Hannah Montana, the mountains come from Dinosaur Tracks (that is what it’s called right?) and then the black background shape came from George and Basic Shapes.  The purple paper this piece is mounted to was just cut using my new trimmer (I’m trying to figure out if I like it or not).

The girls of Mercy River are beautiful inside and out.  From reading their blog and being their friend on Facebook I can tell they are as witty and funny as they are beautiful and I am thrilled beyond belief that I was exposed to them.  I am inspired and encouraged by their vocals pretty much daily.  Did I mention the girls are gracious too?  They have allowed me to share some of their music with you.  Please be advised though, I have made the tracks I’m going to share a PowerPoint presentation in order to help protect their copyright.  To hear “Go Climb That Mountain, please download this file to your computer (it’s safe I promise) and then double-click it to open.  The song will play when you open it and you will see a picture of my girls while this amazing song plays in the background.  Ladies, thanks for letting me share your beautiful music in this public forum so my crafty friends can get a taste of the wondrous talent you have been blessed with and are willing to share.

If you like what you hear and want to buy the self-titled album, please click here.  To buy their second album Beautiful Dawn, please click here.  Be sure to visit my blog again so you can hear samples of other songs they’ve let me share, there might even be craft projects relating to them!