St. Paddy’s Day Blog hop cuz sometimes a mistake is a GREAT thing!

YAY I finally found the box this card was packed in!  I made it weeks ago and then moved…kind of suddenly actually.  I miss my scrappy toys so very much.  Hopefully I can get them all unpacked this weekend…I made great progress last night and thought I’d get it done today but putting together my computer desk did me in…I know I’m getting old, I accept it.

Anyway…if you’ve come here from Ellen’s blog, then you are on the right track.  It’s a good thing I made this project weeks ago because I wouldn’t have been able to participate in this hop otherwise.  Here’s what I came up with:

For this hop we had to use a shamrock/ 3-leaf clover.  I used the clover on the inside of my card.  This is a card for one of the Jobie Grandma’s my girls have adopted as part of Jobs Daughters.  I made a recessed window card after watching Beate’s video here.  I am not sure where the paper is I wrote down the recipe and instructions…I know I used Colorbok paper from Wal Mart, some Core’dinations, French Scroll Martha Steward punch around the page and ummmm I forget what cartridge for the shamrock.  A Child’s Year maybe?

The accident I made was trying to stamp a sentiment on the front AFTER adhering the patterned piece to the card base…I covered it with some tulle and it turned out much better with the “cover-up” than it would have with the sentiment.  The flower is a paper flower I dyed with my DIY Glimmer Mist.  Hope you like it!

Your next step along the hop is Jennifer.  You can see her project here.  And, in case you get lost along your way, you can visit Denise’s site to see the hop from the beginning.  Yes I have blog candy but I don’t know where it is LOL.  To be entered to win, simply comment on this post and I’ll choose a winner when I find it (hopefully it’ll be by the end of the weekend cuz I want to scrap again SEVERE).


Because it only leaves room for lots of improvement

I attempted to get on the video train but my first ride has left me sick to my stomach.  At any rate, here is a video showing how I make my glimmer mist.  I hope you can hear it but you’ll need to crank your speakers WAY up.  The audio was retarded once I exported from my editing software.  I’m also not real sure why it has lost so much resolution (jumpy and grainy) either but hey…here it is not so good, mostly bad, and certainly ugly.

Sparkle and Shine all the glimmer I want is mine!

If you’ve read through the posts on this blog from start to finish or vice versa then you will know I first heard about DIY Glimmer Mist on the Cricut Message Board when a BlackDiamond posted about it.  She put directions on her blog, but even at the time of this post, that blog is no longer functional.  At any rate…she used Perfect Pearls (which already has a binding agent in them), water, alcohol and alcohol ink or re-inker or whatever.  Hers turned out great so I tried it.  Not bad at all, but I was pretty sure I could do better so I searched for more recipes.  The next one I tried involved decoupage glue, water, Pearl Ex powder, and something else I think.  You can find the exact instructions for the second recipe I tried at Elisabeth’s Paper Art but I used more Pearl Ex powder than she did. I really like it to shine!  The Frugal Crafter used gum arabic and water with liquid water-color.  She said you could even use food coloring and I have tons of that so I gave it a try…you can tell from this picture I really kind of like it!  Oh yeah I should mention, I have not yet used gum arabic.  Even with a coupon it is expensive compared to PVA glue.


Glimmer me beautiful!

I even ran through a bottle of PVA glue pretty fast (with a 50-50 ratio) making Glimmer Mist and it’s a bit on the spendier side (even when I got it bogo) so last night I said to myself  “what the heck lemme just try it with good ole fashioned Elmer’s Glue.”  I opted for clear glue this time but actually think I prefer white glue that dries clear.  The Elmer’s worked just fine (when back-to-school sales role around again in the fall I’ll be buying out the store lol)…the only reason you need glue is to bind the Pearl-Ex powders to the paper so they don’t rub off.  Some people have used hairspray even but glue is working great so I’ll stick with that.

Here’s what I’ve noticed as I’ve mixed up 16 different bottles now…

  • the amount of glue doesn’t have to be equal to the water…as long as some glue is in there it doesn’t seem to matter how much.  I’m not using a lot less glue (about a quarter of the bottle I’m mixing in instead of half)
  • Dollar Tree has a great powdered eye shadow in this awesome gold color and it makes a great additive if you don’t have Pearl Ex powders.
  • Pearl Ex has much more shimmer than Perfect Pearls
  • Using a pearlizing acrylic medium can help bring out the shine (several of my bottles above have pearl paint added to the mix).
  • The quality of your spray bottle doesn’t really matter because even if it sprays in globs you can spread it out with a foam brush for beautiful coverage
  • The size of the flakes DO matter.  I have this yellow Pearl Ex powder and it’s too thick to get out of the spray bottle.  To make the yellow seen above I had to use the pearl white powder with some pearl acrylic paint.
  • The order you add ingredients seems to make a difference too…this has worked best for me…food color (or re-inker or whatever), glue, powder, water.
  • Glimmer Spray can be used to color floral embellishments (stay tuned I’ll have pictures later)
  • Pearl White or anything like it (Macro Pearl, Micro Pearl) powder can glimmer any color no matter what so buy lots of this one.
  • And, last but not least, Glimmer spray is messy…wear gloves when making and using!

I can’t wait to hit the goal of 100 subscribers by my 90 day anniversary so that I can share this awesome stuff with a few lucky winners!  I mean I DO already have the supplies and everything so you can’t get cheaper than free can ya?

DIY Glimmer Part 2

Today I went to the art supply store and got some Pearl-Ex…you know the kind WITHOUT the binding agent already in it.  I also bought some PVA glue (because it was cheaper than gum arabic and even BOGO).  Then I went to Michael’s and bought a pearl additive (which I’m sure I probably could have found the art supply store) and came home and made up two new batches of spray.  My bottles are four ounces…I filled if half full of PVA glue, added 4 or 5 knife tips of Pearl-Ex, a squeeze or two of the pearl additive and then filled the rest of the bottle with water leaving just enough space to allow the ingredients to mix.  I made a purple one and a pearl one.  In the pearl spray, I used a lot more of the pearl additive.  Here’s how the two colors came out (and really this photo doesn’t do them justice) on chipboard:

I like this recipe better than the earlier one I posted.  The nice thing about the PVA glue is that it goes on white and dries clear.  This allows you to see where you’ve sprayed.  It also doesn’t get the paper as wet as the alcohol/water combo does.  If you’re visual like me, below are images of glue and Pearl-Ex.


I bought the smallest size jar shown in the picture above.  It was about $6 a jar and is enough pigment powder to make a jillion bottles of spray.  The PVA glue was about the same price as a large container of  Mod Podge, but I can’t use a coupon on it so going forward I will likely just use Mod Podge as a binding agent instead.  Additionally, I have added the image below to my wish list…or my “to get some day soon” list.  I can’t exactly call it a wish list because I pretty much always buy what’s on the list…eventually anyway.

I should also mention that adding the pearl additive probably wasn’t necessary.  The two shades of Pearl-Ex I bought are SUPER shimmery but I wanted to make sure the new sprays had some serious shine so I went ahead and used the additive.  I may still try the recipe mentioned by The Frugal Crafter, but will be getting my gum arabic at Micheal’s with a coupon.

DIY Glimmer Mist

I used to be able to say that crafting was cheaper than therapy.  With awesome tools like the Cricut Expression, The Cinch, Bind-It-All, and Cuttlebug though, I’m not sure if that statement still holds true.  I do however, like to save money wherever I can (and not just in my crafting supplies either) and recently I finally got around to making my own Glimmer Mist spray.

I originally found out about this from the old Cricut Message Board when Black Diamond posted about having successfully made her own.  For my first batch, I followed the directions on her blog (which is no longer operational) using just a bit more pigment powder than she recommends.  I used the amount that fits on the tip of a butter knife as a scoop and put three scoops per bottle.  I bought spray bottles at Dollar Tree in the bath and beauty section.  They were in 2 packs and contained a floral and fruity body spray.  After dumping, rinsing, and drying each bottle, I filled each bottle half full of alcohol and added three scoops of Perfect Pearls Metallics.  I then filled my spray bottles with water leaving just enough room to shake them real good and, despite the learning curve I’m on in learning how to use them right, I’m pretty happy with the overall results.  You could always add a few drops of alcohol ink if you wanted them colored.  I just used the Perfect Pearls alone, though I will be making a purple spray soon.  Here is what it looks like sprayed on black paper.



I think I like the pearl color the best because it kind of looks like outer space, especially on the black paper.  Though I am happy with my result, I do think I will be experimenting with a few different methods just to find the “perfect” method of making my own mist.  I’ll post again once I find what I think is the “perfect” formulation.