DIY Setting Spray

My good friend tells me I’m officially becoming a makeup aficionado; I’m not sure about that, but I do love wearing makeup and have started doing some new things routinely now.  Things like contouring and highlighting and recently I gave primer and setting spray a try too.  Tons of different cosmetic companies make some sort of fixing/finishing/setting spray.  Here are a few of them I’m aware of:

$3.00 for 2 oz

$7.99 for 4 oz

$21 for 3.4 oz

$29 for 4 oz

To be fair, I’ve only tried the e.l.f. setting spray.  I am perpetually dry-skinned in winter and love that the setting spray seems to keep the dry patches I sometimes get in my cheeks from making my face look patchy.  The e.l.f. setting spray is a great way to keep my skin hydrated and “dewy” looking.  But…at more than $1 an ounce, I knew this was a low-end product I couldn’t afford to keep on hand at all times let alone any of the high-end counter parts.  So I did what I always do when I need a cheaper alternative…I started searching for recipes to make a setting spray myself.  I came across this, this and this site with recipes and instructions.  Recently though, I watched this video about all the benefits of orange blossom water (non-toxic, no alcohol, no preservatives, minimizes pores, makes skin less oily, decreases breakouts, adds moisture, etc) and so I decided to come up with my own special formulation of setting spray.  I made 8 oz bottles for myself and each of my daughters.  In my daughters’ I used distilled water, aloe gel, and Vitamin E.  In mine I used orange blossom water, glycerin, and vitamin E.  I bought my orange blossom water, glycerin, and bottles from Amazon and got free 2-day shipping thanks to my prime membership.  I bought vitamin E capsules in 400 iu’s at Wal Mart.  Once all the ingredients came in it was time to mix it up.  Here are both recipes:

DIY Setting Spray For The Perpetually Dry:

1 cup orange blossom water

4 tablespoons glycerin

1-3 capsules (your preference) of Vitamin E oil

DIY Setting Spray For the Younger Generation:

1 cup distilled water

4 tablespoons aloe gel (next time I’m going to use pure aloe gel but I didn’t have any on hand)

1-3 capsules (your preference) of Vitamin E oil

This recipe makes enough for an 8 oz bottle.  You will need a bottle of your choice (8 oz or bigger),  a funnel, a stick pen to pierce your Vitamin E capsules, and a measuring cup.  Measure your glycerin or aloe into your bottle, add the Vitamin E, and lastly pour in your water (distilled or orange blossom water).  I also added some lemon essential oil because it’s also great for skin and to help mask the orange blossom water smell.  I find the scent unpleasant, but you may love it.  To use, give your spray a good shake (the glycerin and aloe can separate out) close your eyes and spray.  Then allow to dry.  I use it once after my foundation and concealer and then another squirt or two after all of my makeup is applied.

Does it work you ask?  Well to give it a good run for its money I decided to sleep with my makeup on (gasp I know bad bad bad).  Aside from where I had rubbed my eyes and gotten mascara and eyeliner smeared all over my face, the rest of my face still looked at flawless the next day as it did when I first put my makeup on the day before.  It was still very hydrated, I could tell I had cheek color on, my contouring and highlighting was still present, etc.  Now…let’s take a look the cost.  The total for ingredients and bottles was $37.62.  With this, I have enough supplies to make at least seven 8 oz bottles of setting spray…56 oz.  This makes my DIY setting spray (made with orange blossom water…it’s cheaper if you just use distilled water) 67 cents an ounce.  It’s cheaper, it has ingredients I can pronounce, and I can alter the formula with ease (making an oily or combination version) as my skin changes.  This makes it a win in my book and I will continue to make my setting spray.


DIY Exfoliating Lip Sugar and a confession

I’m a product snob.  I’ll totally admit it.  In pretty much every area of my life…craft supplies, pens, erasers, makeup, body washes and matching sprays and lotions, music, etc.  When I find a paper/product/pen/scent/etc…well it’s like what Noah says…”When I see something I like…I gotta….I love it.”  (The Notebook).  Let me give you some examples…my favorite DCWV stack so far has been Glam Girl (or something like that).  I may or may not have a dozen.  When I find a pen I love, I buy several just in case it runs out and I can’t get a refill (or God forbid it gets discontinued for some reason…I should have bought the store out of Ravishing Love dang it).  I stock up so that when I’m broke and still need/want/gotta have said pen, paper, eraser, lotion or whatever, I still have it.

Following in line with being a product snob…I swear by Mary Kay skin care.  It’s the only brand of skin care I’ve used on my face since I was in my twenties.  I’m now 29 and holding and have been for at least a year or two or five or and I recently ran out of my cleanser.  I follow and read lots of beauty blogs and channels now and had heard/read/seen several reports about people using more natural things to clean their face with.  This was about a month ago and I had already had huge success using coconut oil for countless things.  What kinda things you ask…some of the things listed here, here, and here.  My new favorite obsession (I mean use) was body butter.  I  just pry some of that USDA-certified organic, extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil out of the big honkin’ jug I buy it in (I get this exact kind from Costco for about 20 bucks) and whip it in my Ninja blender.  The longer you whip, the runnier it gets and it keeps the consistency after being whipped.  I have dry skin.  In winter I have perpetually dry skin.  This keeps the ash and flakes away big time and I slather it on after a hot shower while my skin is still damp.  My body loves me…it really does so I got to thinking…maybe my face would too.

Instead of buying more MK cleanser, I decided to give honey a try.  Some of my favorite intel on cleaning with honey can be found here and here.  I can’t stand the smell…I hate the taste (honey is so not my favorite), but I LOVE how well my skin looks and feels after using it!  Followed with some whipped coconut oil as a moisturizer and WOW my face just TOTALLY loved me.  In fact, my face loves me so much now I can’t imagine going back to my Mary Kay cleansers and I really do love them.

This honey coconut oil thing I’m now doing was also extremely frugal.  I mean a supply of honey that will last months is about 1/4 the cost of a bottle of cleanser and I’m lucky if I can get a month’s worth of usage out of my MK Cleanser.  Even more than being a product snob…I try to be frugal.  In fact, I’m so frugal I’m downright cheap and have no problem admitting it.  I also am extremely crafty and take great pleasure in DIYing acceptable alternatives to expensive store-bought items.  I make my own laundry soap, fabric softener, carpet freshener, febreeze, air freshener (watch for details), extract (mint, vanilla), stamp cleaner, rose water and the like.  I’ve also tried my hand at making my own deodorant and toothpaste but haven’t found formulations I totally love.  In true DIY fashion, it was time to experiment further with beauty stuff.

Several of my fave beauty gurus have reviewed and discussed lip sugar.  An exfoliating product that leaves your lips kissably soft and smooth while helping give you the perfect pucker.  Now, even though I don’t have anyone besides my kiddos to kiss on right now, I still am kinda OCD about having soft lips.  My MK lip-mask does a good job but it’s expensive.  A few years ago I made my own exfoliating sugar scrub for the body so I figured I’d try it for lips too using common kitchen ingredients and now my lips are loving me just as much as my face and body do.

It’s so simple I can’t believe companies like Sephora wanna charge $20 something bucks for pretty much the same thing…ummmmmmm no thank you.  I took a clean bowl, added a dollop or two (didn’t measure sorry…maybe a couple tablespoons) of honey, and a splash or two of grape seed oil and a splash of vanilla just for scent and taste then mixed it together till it was a consistency much like lotion.  Once I got a consistency I liked, I added in the sugar till it was good and chunky.  Then I filled my container and still had tons left (so my daughter got some too).  After washing your face, simply scoop some out onto your finger and apply it to the lips using light scrubbing motions.  You can massage it till the sugar dissolves or until you feel like your lips are kissably soft and smooth…your choice.  And…though honey is not at all my favorite flavor, this lip sugar tastes good and is totally edible so you could just lick if off if you like.  I actually chose to lick it off…it smells and tastes so good I just couldn’t resist!  My daughter tried some too and our DIY lip sugar is a win! After giving my lips the rub down, I followed it with a teeny dab of whipped coconut oil and it’s better than Burt’s, and EOS and even MK Satin Lips.  Oh and it takes about 5 minutes and only costs about $.25 maybe $.50 to make.

DIY toothpaste

Eureka I have found the cure to the age-old fight over toothpaste tubes and do you squeeze from the bottom or the middle.  Oh yeah and it’s a great way to save money too!  Yep I sure did make my own toothpaste.  Now I have to tell you that this is EPIC for me to even try because all the recipes I found use one main ingredient…baking soda.  My Daddy has a sure-fire cure to fix just about everything….baking soda water.  I can’t stand it.  The baking soda aftertaste brings back some really unpleasant memories so suffice it to say, I don’t drink baking soda water.  We go through a lot of toothpaste around here.  I wish I could say it’s because we brush our teeth all the dang time but alas…it’s mostly because the kids leave the cap off, it dries out and gets nasty.  Then, to use it, you have to pry/dig out the dried toothpaste and well yeah it’s just a hassle.   Last week when Ranga and I were DIYing Febreeze and fabric softener she asked if I thought we could make our own toothpaste.  Sure enough…we can.

The recipe and instructions came from the DIY Natural blog.  Specifically, this link.  In the instructions in this recipe, it said to use sea salt, baking soda, and extract if you want to flavor it , so here’s what I did:

Here’s what you’ll need:

About 3/4 cup baking soda

3 handfuls of water (more of you want it thinner, less if you want it thicker)

1 vial of Wilton’s Peppermint Candy extract (I got mine in a 3-pack at Wal-Mart)

1 storage container (I mixed my toothpaste right in my container)

Sea Salt (or other coarse salt) if desired

Now…here’s what I did.  First I ground some of my sea salt into the bottom of my storage container…I didn’t use enough (3 twists of the shaker) and either I ground it too fine or didn’t use enough because I can’t taste or feel the sea salt.  My toothpaste seems to work very well regardless though.  Next pour the entire vial of peppermint candy extract into the container.  You may want to use more.  I guesstimate that this is maybe a teaspoon or two  and it does taste minty but there is still strong baking soda taste too  In future batches, I will use more extract.  Next you need to add water, a handful at a time and stir it into the baking soda, extract, salt mixture until it reaches your desired consistency.  Here’s what my finished product looked like:

I don’t have savings information available because I buy huge bags of baking soda and sea salt grinders at Costco so I’m not sure what they cost.  Here’s the information from the DIY Natural blog though:


Aside from cost, there are many other benefits of homemade products.  By making this toothpaste not only are we cutting costs by upwards of 300%, we also know the exact ingredients and count time spent as fun, educational, and useful for all involved!

My 11-year-old daughter used this toothpaste right after having made it and she says “I like it because it’s not gritty and it cleans my mouth really well.”  I also used it and agree on how well it cleans my mouth.  And, while the baking soda taste is present, it’s not stronger than I can bear.  If you decided to DIY your own toothpaste (or anything else you’ve seen on my blog) I’d love to know about it!

The eyes have it!

I know I said Thursdays were DIY days but I had dreams about all the DIY stuff I had wanted to make yesterday and never got around to making.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it’s DIY Thursday the remix.  Today we have two items for you.  The first is all about the eyes!

There was a day when I wouldn’t leave my house with a completely painted face.  Full eye makeup (typically at least 3 different eye colors, eye liner, brow liner, and mascara), cheek color, bronzer, lip liner and lip stick and lip gloss and and and….yeah I know tiring isn’t it?!?!?  Anyway…those days have LONG gone and when I wear makeup it’s about .25 as much and .10 as often.  Today’s DIY project isn’t really about me obviously lol.  I do however, have a more or less teenager…and she can barely check the mail without putting on all the makeup she’s allowed to wear.  This includes lip gloss and mascara exclusively LOL.  With just this ONE mascara hound in the house, we go through a lot of eye makeup remover.  When used to pedal my pink cosmetic company wares, I used their product…which I loved, but it’s not cheap. I finally ran out of my last bottle not to long ago and had to find a replacement.  To bad I didn’t know about this recipe then.  To replace my usual eye makeup remover I went with this one:

It’s about 6 bucks maybe 7 a bottle at my local Wal-Mart.  This stuff works pretty good, but has some cons…namely it has a HUGE opening so there’s a lot of waste.  It also has to be shaken each time you use it (which takes extra time and I’m lazy) and I have to drive to the store to get it which takes more time and gas.  It leaves a residue behind (the pink stuff did too actually) that, even though it SAYS is oil-free feels a lot like oil.  Finally, at 3.8 oz it’s JUST over the limit for your carry on baggage so you have to have a travel sized bottle to go with it if you ever take a trip.  So…like the header on my blog says….why do it THEIR way if you can DIY it instead, so I did.

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  Man I love that place.  The original recipe came from the blog adelynStone.  You can find it here.  Yes…you guessed it…I altered this recipe too LOL.  Here’s what you need to get started:

My recipe and instructions go like this:

2 cups warm water

3.5 tablespoons baby soap

1/4 tsp baby oil (you could probably omit this or use a different kind of oil if you have some aversion to mineral oil)

Stir your water and baby soap together.  Once mixed, add your baby oil and stir again.  Pour into the containers of your choice.  My containers are 97 cents a piece and have a flip top lid with a tiny hole in it for easier application and less waste.  Ranga was a naughty girl last night and didn’t take her mascara off before bed so she got to try this stuff this morning before school.  Here’s the result:

She uses Almay one-coat nourishing mascara.  I asked her to give me her honest opinion of the stuff…she said “I like it a lot because I can use less and it doesn’t leave residue.”  She later informed me that she is really loving all these DIY things I’m doing and thinks it’s something she will take with her into her own family one day.

Now…let’s talk about cost savings shall we.  I made two batches (so double the instructions I posted above) and got four 3 oz bottles plus two small mason jars full of eye makeup remover.  I think each jar holds a cup…8 oz.  So…let’s guesstimate that doubling the recipe yielded 28 oz of  eye makeup remover.  Here’s the financial break down as best I can calculate it:

1 20 oz bottle of baby oil – 2.47

1 28 oz bottle of baby wash – 2.98

Now…I had to go to Google to figure out the math here…one tablespoon equals half an ounce.  So there is enough baby soap to make 16 batches of remover.  There are .04 oz of baby oil in this recipe so the bottle of baby oil yields enough product make 500 batches.  Hee hee that’s a LOT.  The baby soap per batch costs 19 cents and the baby oil costs .004 cents.  Assuming you already have a container you can store it in, you can make 28 oz of eye makeup remover for  38.008 cents.  Yes…you read that right THRITY EIGHT cents.  I would need over 7 bottles to get the same amount of Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover.

38.008 cents versus 42 dollars…I’ll let you decide but as for me and my house well….we won’t be buying eye makeup remover anymore.