Stationery Box

This was my first attempt at a stationery box.  I didn’t like the “wrap-around” part of the box so I cut that part off.  All paper is from Joann’s and hoarded, I mean purchased, during one of their recent open stock sales.  I followed this tutorial to create this box.  This box was made for Baby Girl.  Mister, Sass Master, and Come-back Queen liked it so much they want one of their own.  Even my friend Loves2Smock is green with envy!  I guess this means I have 4 more to make at a bare minimum huh?!?!?

My first stationery box.


Altered Composition Books

One of my favorite things to alter are composition books.  This probably goes way back to the days when I first used one in 6th or 7th grade and it was beyond ugly.  As part of our first assignment in English class, we had to cover it.  Though many kids chose to buy paper book covers, I improvised.  I don’t recall exactly what it looked like, (gimme a break folks it HAS been a few years…yes I said just a few), but I know that I used white printer paper and gold foil stars…lots of stars.  Here are some of the altered composition books I’m now creating:

On this one I actually used my Cricut Expression with the From My Kitchen Cartridge to create the divider.