Conditioner Anyone?

Are you loving this blog as much as I am?  I hope so.  I think I’m going to start a “schedule” and make Thursdays (it is Thursday right?!?!?)  My DIY day.  Anyway, here’s another DIY little ditty for ya.  Based yet again, out of a need for conservation of resources.  Money is probably a limited commodity for pretty much everyone except Oprah, Gates, Trump and the Kardashian’s, but ESPECIALLY for me.  At present, neither of my Baby Daddy’s are paying support and I am unemployed.  Before you judge me on that…read my story.  It’s not willful unemployment believe me.

Anyway…so remember I said we do a jillion loads of laundry and that’s why I started DIYing my own laundry soap.  Well my kids are also known to use several dryer sheets per load too and I refuse to buy anymore.  On that same website I learned how to DIY laundry soap there was instructions for other homemade cleaners.  Their version of DIY fabric softener required you wet a washcloth and toss it in your dryer or add it to the rinse cycle or this that and the other.  In short…it wasn’t Faithfule suited because I have too much on my plate to have to “think” about laundry.  Shoot I don’t even remember to toss a dryer sheet in every time when I WAS using them and I did laundry.  I thought hmmmmmmmmmmmmm surely there has to be a recipe out there for DIY fabric softener that I could just toss a downy ball at the beginning right?!?!?  Guess what there was.  You can expect to see lots of things from The Frugal Girls and here’s the link to DIY fabric softener that works in a downy ball.  You can go to their link if you like, or you can just do what I did because  I’m about to tell you.

You will need the following:

1 Family Size Bottle of your favorite conditioner.  I used Suave Ocean Breeze scent.  Retail Cost:  $1.46.

6 cups of HOT water.  My water wasn’t hot enough so I had to “cook” my conditioner like this:

When the frugal girls say HOT water, what they REALLY mean is near boiling water.  Ok…back to what you need…

1 family size bottle of conditioner in a scent you love

6 cups of near boiling water

2 cups white vinegar (1 gallon retails for 2.38 so 2 cups costs .15)

1 funnel (if you up cycle small mouthed bottles like I did)

Now….dissolve your conditioner ENTIRELY in your really hot water.  It’s gonna just look like conditioner colored water when you’re done.  Add your 2 cups of vinegar and stir.  Pour into the containers of your choice.  Here’s mine:

I got almost 90 ounces of fabric softener for $1.61.  How’s that compare to the retail price of fabric softener…let’s take a look-see shall we?

90 oz of Ultra Downy at Wal-Mart….$6.97 according to  It yields 105 loads plus 15 bonus loads.  Over 5 dollars in savings PER bottle!  Compared to my dryer sheets….well I pay about the same price for a box of 40 dryer sheets.  The first load is in the wash with the downy ball of DIY fabric softener right now.  I let you know what I think of  my clothes after using it soon.  I will say this though…my little Ranga walked in from school and the first thing out of her mouth was “WOW it smells GOOD in here”.


Hello world!

That’s the default title of the first post on a Wordpress blog and guess what, it seemed kinda fitting for this new space so I figured I go with it.  This blog, Save Faithfule, is brought to you by special request of my dear friend Patti.  Did you happen to see the award I gave her at my primary blog?  She has touched my heart in so many ways and so when she asked me to do this, have one all-inclusive place for my DIY tips n tricks, who was I to say no.  Patti my friend, this blog’s for YOU!

Here you will find details on all the things I successfully DIY…crafty and otherwise.  I will do my best to post links to where I find the original idea and or savings, but truth is…I may not always remember to do that as I often surf and block in the OMG hours….you know, the hours that pretty much Only My God is awake.  I don’t ever use a recipe “exactly” as the instructions for it call for.  I’m a graphic designer, insanely crafty (yes Sister I’m starting to realize this finally), and I love to cook and bake and so “altering” or “modifying” is just something that comes naturally.  When I can remember to do so, I’ll share the original thought/recipe and how I modified it, what my results have been, and what I honestly think about it.  If you’ve  read any of my blogs or are my FB friend, you know you can always count on me to given an honest opinion…even if it’s not a popular one.

So…first up is DIY Laundry Soap.  I have heard about this for years, I mean I used to watch the Duggars do it all the time on 45 Kids and Counting or however many it is now and I know lots of people who have done this successfully, but it took being broke to finally actually make myself do it.  You guessed it, there’s a story here and YES, I’m going to tell it.

So it’s about eh….a month ago maybe….3 weeks.  Anyway, we’re at Wal-Mart on the laundry aisle and I say to my youngest DD “DD, do we have any laundry soap at home?”  She replies that we only have enough to do two or three loads of laundry and three kids of my own and two I love like they were in my home on a regular basis, we do that many loads of laundry a day sometimes.  I knew I had to get more.  Money however, is a HUGE obstacle right now so I am ALWAYS looking for the cheapest solution.  I started pricing laundry soap and just couldn’t stomach the cost then I remembered I had just been emailed a super fast easy recipe for laundry soap.  It came from Money Saving Queen Frugal Living and was emailed to me.  Here’s the website with the original recipe and instructions.

After making the first batch, which took just about 20 minutes (including the time it took to grate the soap), I started DIY this powdered laundry soap recipe idea a little further and found numerous variations.  I used a large hole grater but MAYUN there just seemed to be an AWFUL lot of soap shreds for just one cup of washing soda and borax.  So I went into my laboratory and began experimenting…insert evil laugh here.  Here is my most altered powdered laundry soap recipe.

Powdered Laundry Soap Faithfule Style

2 Cups Washing Soda

2 Cups Borax

1/2 bar Felsnaptha soap FINELY grated

1 5-cup capacity (or larger) container for storage

Next, go to Ikea and get this handy-dandy gadget here:

CHOSIGT Grater with container IKEA Also suitable for storage purposes; lid included. The airtight seal helps food retain its flavor and aroma longer.

 Now if you don’t have an Ikea close, I suppose any old grater would do (ahem it’s just for soap so think Dollar Tree) but I LOVE this one.  It keeps the mess contained a lot better and for me, was worth the 5 bucks it cost.  Using the VERY fine grater, grate an entire bar of felsnaptha (then you have some done already for next time and can store it in this container or you can make more than one batch) and set aside.  In whatever container you’re going to use store your soap in, you want to add 2 cups each of washing soda and borax.  Add half the felsnaptha on top.  It’ll look like shredded cheese on top of a chili cheese dog kinda.  Stir it all together and there you go.  I use one tablespoon in my regular wash and two if it’s super gross (I have lots of kids here we do super gross well sometimes).

Now…this next part….is totally optional but I highly recommend it.  After adding your felsnaptha cheese to your washing soda and borax dog, pull out a pastry cutter or two steak knifes and “cut” your soap into your powders like you do shortening into flour for pie crust.  You’re done doing this step when it looks like this:

To use, start your wash cycle and add one to two tablespoons to the bottom of your washer then load clothes as usual.  Yes, this can be used by HE washers too.  And, as an added bonus, if you leave the lid off it will make your whole house smell fresh.  I was honestly VERY skeptical about how well it would work till I did the first load.  I found some of the GRUNGIEST clothes we had in the house and once the machine started agitating the water was about this color.   Our clothes are clean, they don’t smell perfumed, my kiddos with sensitive skin haven’t complained about any “reactions”, and it’s cheap.  To date I’ve spent eh….10 bucks maybe 12 on supplies and have enough to do roughly 3-500 loads of laundry.  This means my laundry soap now costs me about 3 cents a load…yes you read that right….THREE cents!