DIY Setting Spray

My good friend tells me I’m officially becoming a makeup aficionado; I’m not sure about that, but I do love wearing makeup and have started doing some new things routinely now.  Things like contouring and highlighting and recently I gave primer and setting spray a try too.  Tons of different cosmetic companies make some sort of fixing/finishing/setting spray.  Here are a few of them I’m aware of:

$3.00 for 2 oz

$7.99 for 4 oz

$21 for 3.4 oz

$29 for 4 oz

To be fair, I’ve only tried the e.l.f. setting spray.  I am perpetually dry-skinned in winter and love that the setting spray seems to keep the dry patches I sometimes get in my cheeks from making my face look patchy.  The e.l.f. setting spray is a great way to keep my skin hydrated and “dewy” looking.  But…at more than $1 an ounce, I knew this was a low-end product I couldn’t afford to keep on hand at all times let alone any of the high-end counter parts.  So I did what I always do when I need a cheaper alternative…I started searching for recipes to make a setting spray myself.  I came across this, this and this site with recipes and instructions.  Recently though, I watched this video about all the benefits of orange blossom water (non-toxic, no alcohol, no preservatives, minimizes pores, makes skin less oily, decreases breakouts, adds moisture, etc) and so I decided to come up with my own special formulation of setting spray.  I made 8 oz bottles for myself and each of my daughters.  In my daughters’ I used distilled water, aloe gel, and Vitamin E.  In mine I used orange blossom water, glycerin, and vitamin E.  I bought my orange blossom water, glycerin, and bottles from Amazon and got free 2-day shipping thanks to my prime membership.  I bought vitamin E capsules in 400 iu’s at Wal Mart.  Once all the ingredients came in it was time to mix it up.  Here are both recipes:

DIY Setting Spray For The Perpetually Dry:

1 cup orange blossom water

4 tablespoons glycerin

1-3 capsules (your preference) of Vitamin E oil

DIY Setting Spray For the Younger Generation:

1 cup distilled water

4 tablespoons aloe gel (next time I’m going to use pure aloe gel but I didn’t have any on hand)

1-3 capsules (your preference) of Vitamin E oil

This recipe makes enough for an 8 oz bottle.  You will need a bottle of your choice (8 oz or bigger),  a funnel, a stick pen to pierce your Vitamin E capsules, and a measuring cup.  Measure your glycerin or aloe into your bottle, add the Vitamin E, and lastly pour in your water (distilled or orange blossom water).  I also added some lemon essential oil because it’s also great for skin and to help mask the orange blossom water smell.  I find the scent unpleasant, but you may love it.  To use, give your spray a good shake (the glycerin and aloe can separate out) close your eyes and spray.  Then allow to dry.  I use it once after my foundation and concealer and then another squirt or two after all of my makeup is applied.

Does it work you ask?  Well to give it a good run for its money I decided to sleep with my makeup on (gasp I know bad bad bad).  Aside from where I had rubbed my eyes and gotten mascara and eyeliner smeared all over my face, the rest of my face still looked at flawless the next day as it did when I first put my makeup on the day before.  It was still very hydrated, I could tell I had cheek color on, my contouring and highlighting was still present, etc.  Now…let’s take a look the cost.  The total for ingredients and bottles was $37.62.  With this, I have enough supplies to make at least seven 8 oz bottles of setting spray…56 oz.  This makes my DIY setting spray (made with orange blossom water…it’s cheaper if you just use distilled water) 67 cents an ounce.  It’s cheaper, it has ingredients I can pronounce, and I can alter the formula with ease (making an oily or combination version) as my skin changes.  This makes it a win in my book and I will continue to make my setting spray.


NYC’s HDColorTrio = Epic Fail

Not too long ago I became a part of Influenster and recently received my first VoxBox.  This is a box of goodies sent to me complimentary for testing and review.  My first box contained, a lip gloss, some eye-shadow, a travel size pack of puffs, a mini roll of duck tape and some skinny cow candy.   I will have separate reviews on each of these things…up first:  The NYC HD Color Trio.  Here’s the one I was sent:


I tried so hard to like it. The colors are gorgeous and are colors I wear often.  The problem is I just don’t like it.  Not even one little bit.  First, the colors are very poorly pigmented.  I knew as soon as I swatched these colors I’d need use them with a primer or cream shadow base.  Even doing that though, there was still very little color pay-off.  I had to pack color on over and over and over (so much packing it took about 4 to 6 cotton balls to get all the eye shadow off and yet it barely looked like I was wearing makeup).  The shadow is chalky and has tons of fall out.  I have two teen girls who are just not learning/experimenting with makeup and even they recognize this product for what’s it worth…nothing.

I’m glad I was able to try this before purchasing it though.  Now I know what not to invest in for sure.