Snow Much Fun Hop

Welcome to your December installment of the Getting Cricky Blog Hop!  This month we are pleased to welcome  our Special Guest – Patty from “Creative Diva”!!   Like with all of our hops, we hope you see some new exciting ways to use K Andrew Designs Art Stamps.  Give yourself a gift this season you are sure to love by heading over to Kristal’s Store to pick up some of your own, you’ll be so glad you did!

In case you didn’t know, each stamp set benefits charity. At least $1 per stamp set goes to help the charity noted on the stamp set package. Currently Kristal supports the following charities: Cancer Angels, Storefront Shelter for Homeless Children, Intrepid & Fallen Heroes, E. Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Doorways Shelter for Women & Children (Domestic Violence), Wayside House for Women, Camp Good Days & Special Times, Adopt a Classroom, and Autism Research Institute.  In addition, Kristal personally donates $1 from each set sold and over time believes this will add up to some wonderful miracles for these special people. You can feel good knowing that each time you purchase a K Andrew Designs Art stamp set, someone around the country is receiving some good help!

K Andrew Designs Art Stamps also stimulate our broken and wounded economy because they are all made and assembled here in the USA! This is hugely important to Kristal and ensures not only that product materials are safe, but that jobs are being provided and maintained here in America. Learn more about these stamps by visiting K Andrew Designs.

You should have arrived here from the fabulous and amazing Junior DT Heather Everson’s blog.  She has some of the easiest and funnest cards EVER and the rest of  my DT Sisters have awesome projects too!  So, if you haven’t started at the beginning, be sure  to head back to Kristal’s blog and hop on through everyone on the list!  Now…onto my project.  First let me apologize because this photo really doesn’t do the page justice.

I’ve become painfully aware of how fast my babies are growing up.  The kiddo seen here doesn’t resemble these photos anymore at all.  Instead, she is an incredibly beautiful and talented young woman who makes her mother very proud.  Looking at these pictures seems like it was a couple of lifetimes ago.  She hated touching the snow…who can blame her I mean it’s cold and wet right?!?!?  Not my favorite either.

For this  page I used Winter Wishes (shown below), Spellbinders, my Cricut (gasp I know right), SCAL 2 and twine.  This page is now in my “Faithful Moments” album…a random collection of some of my fondest memories!

Now, last but certainly not least, is the fabulous Junior DT member Miss Jessie from Sugarlips Sassy Surprises!  Thanks so much for joining us this month and if you get lost along the way, here’s the entire line-up:


Argh! Ahoy me hearties, time fer de Getting Cricky hop!

Welcome to the November Getting Cricky Blog Hop!  Congratulations to all of our new DT Sisters!  We are so excited to have you join us!  If you have arrived here from Janis’ Blog, you’re hopping along the right track.  If you didn’t come from Janis’ blog, please start at the beginning with Kristal from Getting Cricky.

I just received the new release in the mail yesterday YAY!  I have to tell you this is probably my favoritest release EVER…yes I may have said that last time too, but I really mean it this time ( I meant it last time too though hee hee).  Today got away from me (I tried cleaning my Scred Room…I’m no where CLOSE to done either) and I only had time to make one project.  I knew that I HAD to use this one particular sentiment from Pirate Tales and Fish Scales.  For my project I used Core’dinations paper as the card base and ship shape.  The ship was cut with SCAL and made using the trace image feature.  The background paper I made in Photoshop and printed on white cardstock.  I then used Tim Holtz Brushed Corduroy distress ink to color the paper.  It looks really orange in this photo but it’s actually brown.

I specially requested “Dead men tell no tales” be included in this stamp set for a lot of reasons.   Those of you that know me well already know some of them…those that don’t know well…it’s our little secret hee hee!  This stamp release is so amazing…I will be busy for weeks and months and years playing with all the possible combinations…some of them my youngest daughter came up with while in the car looking at them yesterday were:

Owl be seeing you cupcake (Owly Hoo and Coffee and Treats Tag-a-long)

Owl keep an eye out (Owly Hoo and Pirate Tales and Fish Scales)

Owl be seeing you soon  (Owly Hoo, Hooty Owl Accessories and Pirate Tales and Fish Scales)

Party on the poop deck (Priate Tales and Fish Scales)

Owl be sweet (Hooty Owl Accessories and Coffee and Tea Time)

There are so many other combinations that can be made…check out the newest releases below and see what fun combinations you can create!

Isn’t this an INCREDIBLE release?  Guess what?  EVERYONE who orders 25.00 or more will receive a FREE mini stamp set, and everyone who orders 45.00 or more will receive a FREE full stamp set (random) with their order. The free shipping code to use is: postagevalue.  Wow isn’t Kristal so incredibly generous?!?!?!?  Visit her store today and pick up some of these amazing stamps for yourself.  Be sure to tell her I sent you too!

Next up is the fabulous Ildi the Craftin Mama .  Her project is very unique so make sure you visit her blog and check it out.  It almost makes me wish I had a handyman in the house so I could raid his toolbox!   In case you get lost along the way, here’s the entire line-up:

C’Mon I know you ALL think it!

How many times have you seen those statuses about let’s see how many people really read my status or it’s time to clean up my friends list or like my status if you want to stay on my friends or…I’m pretty sure we all know what it’s like to have been de-friended too though right?!?!?  You ever run across someone who’s behavior on Facebook is so out of control sometimes you want to say something to them?  No…it’s just me?  Figures.  Today’s project was inspired by some people ahem cough cough family who are airing their moldy (forget just dirty it’s way past that) laundry on Facebook.  I think I need to send a cease and desist in writing with this:

I’m sorry I forgot to warn you to have an empty mouth before viewing my project.  Go ahead….go get a towel and wipe off your screen.  I’ll wait!

All better now?  Alright, let me tell you how you can recreate this little ditty for yourself because I KNOW you want to.

Supplies Used: 
A2 Card Base
2 mats with 1 cut slightly smaller than the other (I eyeballed and didn’t measure sorry)
My Facebook File
Corner Rounder (Creative Memories)
Adhesive (Tombow mono adhesive)
Ink (Versafine)
K Andrew Art Stamps:  Crafty Friends 

 This card is pretty easy to create.  You just need to use Facebook blue colors and add the F from my .scut file.  If you have SCAL 2 or 3 and would like this file, please let me know.

Flying away on a wing and a prayer

Who could it be, believe it or not it’s just me…oh sorry I was just remembering a theme song to a show I watched when I was little.  Great American Hero or something like that…

Our Getting Cricky Simple Sunday challenge for today is all about things with wings…airplanes, hang gliders, flying transformers, hospitals, buildings, Detroit’s hockey team, or in my case…butterflies.

This project was actually really kind of difficult despite how simple the finished project looks.  I’ll get to how I did it in a second.  First I want to show you a close-up of the stamping:

I used 3 different stamps from the Winged Things stamp set shown below.

Supplies Needed:  
1 metal frame (mine is about 5.5 by 11.5 at the longest and tallest points)
Photoshop or other graphics program
2 12 x 12 sheets of paper
Scraps for the title cut and butterflies  (I chose my name since this is going in my room)
Pearl bling (mine are recollections)
Chocolate Chip Ink (Stampin’ Up)
Winged Things Stamp Set (K Andrew Designs)
Gemstone bling (mine is silver but I don’t know from where)
Fundamentals 2 SD Card
Adhesive (ATG, Elmer’s Fabric and Craft Glue, foam dots and Glue Gun)
White mulberry flowers (I Am Roses)
Alcohol Ink or Re-inker (here I used Purple Twilight and Sailboat Blue)
Alcohol Blending Solution
Heat Gun

See…you thought I was kidding when I said it was kinda difficult didn’t you?!?!?  Ok…so the first thing I did was I took the ribbon out of the hanger that came with it when I bought it.  It was ugly.  Then I laid the metal frame on my scanner and scanned the image.  I imported the scan into SCAL using the Trace feature and then cut it over and over with my eCraft, manipulating the size till I got a shape that would work (the purple shape in the background).  The blue piece is actually a “messed up” shape, but I liked how it looked when added to the purple piece so I kept it and used it.  The purple and blue piece were combined and adhered to the metal frame using my ATG.  I went over it a few times laying down a super sticky layer of adhesive for maximum adhesion.  Next I cut a butterfly from the Fundamentals 2 SD Card.  I cut the solid base and wings and cut the body out of the wings to get the effect featured and added silver bling to bodies. One is cut at 3 inches, one at 2.  These were adhered to the blue and purple background paper with foam dots.  The flowers were dyed using the inks listed and then I used alcohol blending solution to bleed the color out a bit.  I love those roses…so hard to believe they were white to start with huh?!?!?

I used my heat gun to speed up the drying process of the flowers a bit.  While they dried the rest of the way, I stamped “Let your dreams take flight” on the blue background paper and cut my name using this font all in lower case.  I opted not to include the dot on the i.  I cut it first as a welded shadow layer, then I cut the letters unwelded.  I used a scrap of Core’dinations paper for the shadow cut and then a scrap of paper from the Glam Girl stack by DCWV for the individual letters.  I put these pieces together with craft glue and used foam dots to adhere them to the frame.  Once the flowers were totally dry, I used my glue gun to glue them down.  Finally, I took my crop-a-dile and punched a slightly larger hole in the frame and tied some new ribbon.

Now it’s your turn….head over to Getting Cricky to see what she and my DT Sister’s have made for you.  Kristal has a giveaway going on that you won’t want to miss!

Here’s a picture of it, but for details you will need to visit her blog!

Be sure to link up YOUR winged projects by adding your link here!

I’m a good kid…promise

I think my relationship with my mother has been challenged since the say I was born.  Maybe before then actually.  We’ve always struggled and now that I am an adult I can choose how much contact I want to have with her finally.  If you knew all the details  you’d probably advocate for cutting her out or off entirely.  She’s real umm…interesting that’s for sure.  The dilemma though is I am a  Godly woman and want to do my best to love her the way He does…exactly where she is at.  This is not always easy because where she’s at is often results in her constant attempts to upset or aggravate me.  Often I’m aggravated after just a few minutes in her company; it’s sad really, but she just doesn’t play nice.  I’m not sure she ever has.  Even my son has asked me “what is wrong with your mother?”  She is though…still my mother.

Mother’s Day is coming and two of her favorite things are tulips and koala bears.  For Christmas we got her some koala granola bars and cereal.  I made her this card for Mother’s Day:

The card base is Core’dinations, as are the tulips and stems.  The koala is cut with a textured stack I got at Wal Mart…I want to say it is Colorbok but I’m not sure.  Pink feet on the koala is from my scraps and I have no clue about the origin.  The tulips were a free SVG file and the koala is from the Cuddly Animals Part II Collection from SVG Cuts.  They have some great stuff…I’ll be back later today or tomorrow with yet another SVG Cuts project.

The honor is all mine

Frequently I hear compliments on what a great job I’m doing with my kids and mostly I just feel lucky to have the kids I do.  I know you know about A Sweetheart…I’ve made cards for her before and blogged about her before too.  Recently I got a letter in the mail from this child’s principal.  She was really worried.  I played on that worry and asking her what she did.  “Why am I getting a letter from your principal?  Do you have something you need to tell me?”  Ha ha ha…finally having let her hang for a few minutes I explained what the letter said.

The principal was congratulating me on my daughter’s academics for the 2nd trimester telling me she made honor roll (again…she does this a lot) and were cordially invited to a special shin dig this morning.  Now my kid makes honor roll a lot…they all do.  That’s not the impressive part.  The impressive part is that she has missed a ton of school with being sick, moving, and a myriad of other things.  Something like 60% attendance or whatever.  So…even though she’s missed all that school she is still so diligent and studios she made the honor roll.  YAY!

A Sweetheart likes horses and pink and lime green.  I came up with this for her using two of the freebie cuts from SVG Cuts!  I ♥ SVG files and SVG Cuts are some of the best!  I have had a bunch of their freebies saved for later use for sometime now.  Be sure to come back and visit later today when I show you another SVG Cuts project!

The card base is 5.5 square and just some random pink paper from my stash.  The square mat is Core’dinations and the shadow on the horse is something in my stash.  This is also my first project with twine.  Bling in the corners of the mat, a nice love note inside and voilà!

39 and Glamorous Purple Blog Hop

Do you ever have those days (or in my case weeks and months sometimes) where NOTHING goes as you planned?  No…I’m the only one.  Ok good wouldn’t want you all to have the same frustrations I’m having right now.  I had this great project planned, was so excited about it.  Thought I’d have plenty of time to get it done this evening after dinner and them BAM my son goes “Mom Scouts.”  UGH…of course I HAVE to go because I am the Assistant Den Leader and well…there went my evening.

It’s all good though right, they say the best things come to those who wait.  I hope that’s true because I really LOVE my project.  It came out so fabulous I think you’ll love it too!  You should be arriving here from Miss Pam’s blog.  If you didn’t come from there and just read my blog because you like me (thanks btw…I like you too) then stop right here and go back to the beginning.  My fabulous friend Bonnie from A Scrap Above is hosting an awesome hop…one that probably isn’t like any you’ve seen before.

Not sure you really like hops or want to do another one at the moment…well check out the list of Sponsors:

  • I Got Lucky Scraps
  • Kich N Bleus
  • Shelley Bean Stamps
  • Tickled Pink Stamps
  • Scrappin Hens
  • Paper Craft World
  • Scrappin Good Time (Retreat stay, MUST complete hop and challenge)

There will be a challenge at the end of the hop, you will need to hop along ALL blogs and “look” for challenge clues.  There are 13 clues randomly placed on 13 blogs, as you find these, write them down, they will help you with the CHALLENGE.. At the end of the hop Lisa will tell you what to do with these clues.  Then link your completed challenge project by the due date to Mr. Linky on, this is the “final” step to be in the drawing for the Scrapbook retreat stay (info on Bonnie’s Blog)

So why this hop you ask?  Well you see her birthday is next week, but we’re kicking off what might be a week-long party to start the celebration!  Happy early birthday Bonnie…this one’s for you:

See Bonnie..I TOLD you I had all the things you wanted or liked in my collection!  Let me know when you’re on the way to come play with me ok!

For my project, I created a lil journal/album and adorned it with some of Bonnie’s favorite things.  PURPLE, hot pink, white, black, skulls, butterflies, ribbon and bling…I think that was it.  The swirls in the top left and bottom right corners are lavender, though you can’t really tell in this picture and the inside cover page is lavender too.  Lavender works because it is a shade of PURPLE.  I ♥ that color I really do.  It makes me so happy.  Oh yes…I almost forgot…the butterfly is PURPLE too.

I used some skull patterned paper from the Rock Star stack by DCWV, vintage keys from K & Company, the butterfly is Prima, the lavender paper is from Core’dinations, and the skull is my own creation using SCAL, as are the swirls.  I forget who makes the bling and ribbon.

The album measures 6 by 6 and I cut a stack of pages from some basic printer/copy paper that is 5.75 square.  That’s probably the only thing I don’t like about the Cinch…no setting for interior pages.  I will likely add some ribbon to the wire binding once the Stickles dry.

I am making a project for EACH day of this hop…I will keep you guessing about what my blog candy will be until the last day so be sure to check back tomorrow to see what else I have in store for you.  Your final stop on this hop is Lisa.  Lisa’s blog has all the details on what to do with the challenge hints you’ve collected so be sure to check her out!