I’m a good kid…promise

I think my relationship with my mother has been challenged since the say I was born.  Maybe before then actually.  We’ve always struggled and now that I am an adult I can choose how much contact I want to have with her finally.  If you knew all the details  you’d probably advocate for cutting her out or off entirely.  She’s real umm…interesting that’s for sure.  The dilemma though is I am a  Godly woman and want to do my best to love her the way He does…exactly where she is at.  This is not always easy because where she’s at is often results in her constant attempts to upset or aggravate me.  Often I’m aggravated after just a few minutes in her company; it’s sad really, but she just doesn’t play nice.  I’m not sure she ever has.  Even my son has asked me “what is wrong with your mother?”  She is though…still my mother.

Mother’s Day is coming and two of her favorite things are tulips and koala bears.  For Christmas we got her some koala granola bars and cereal.  I made her this card for Mother’s Day:

The card base is Core’dinations, as are the tulips and stems.  The koala is cut with a textured stack I got at Wal Mart…I want to say it is Colorbok but I’m not sure.  Pink feet on the koala is from my scraps and I have no clue about the origin.  The tulips were a free SVG file and the koala is from the Cuddly Animals Part II Collection from SVG Cuts.  They have some great stuff…I’ll be back later today or tomorrow with yet another SVG Cuts project.


The honor is all mine

Frequently I hear compliments on what a great job I’m doing with my kids and mostly I just feel lucky to have the kids I do.  I know you know about A Sweetheart…I’ve made cards for her before and blogged about her before too.  Recently I got a letter in the mail from this child’s principal.  She was really worried.  I played on that worry and asking her what she did.  “Why am I getting a letter from your principal?  Do you have something you need to tell me?”  Ha ha ha…finally having let her hang for a few minutes I explained what the letter said.

The principal was congratulating me on my daughter’s academics for the 2nd trimester telling me she made honor roll (again…she does this a lot) and were cordially invited to a special shin dig this morning.  Now my kid makes honor roll a lot…they all do.  That’s not the impressive part.  The impressive part is that she has missed a ton of school with being sick, moving, and a myriad of other things.  Something like 60% attendance or whatever.  So…even though she’s missed all that school she is still so diligent and studios she made the honor roll.  YAY!

A Sweetheart likes horses and pink and lime green.  I came up with this for her using two of the freebie cuts from SVG Cuts!  I ♥ SVG files and SVG Cuts are some of the best!  I have had a bunch of their freebies saved for later use for sometime now.  Be sure to come back and visit later today when I show you another SVG Cuts project!

The card base is 5.5 square and just some random pink paper from my stash.  The square mat is Core’dinations and the shadow on the horse is something in my stash.  This is also my first project with twine.  Bling in the corners of the mat, a nice love note inside and voilà!